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Welcome to SlideRocket

By Mitch Grasso on April 13, 2007

Well… here we go. The first post. This is where it starts. Zero-day. It’s all downhill (or uphill, i suppose, depending on your perspective) from here.

Although, of course that’s not entirely true. We’ve been working hard on SlideRocket for nearly a year now and we are getting really close to starting that ubiquitous private beta. We’ve done some demos for the guys over at Adobe and they seem to like what we’ve done with their tools. We’ve started talking to VCs. Things are gonna start moving quickly now…

So it seemed like as good time as any to start putting a public face on SlideRocket. Maybe we can build a little buzz, generate a little hype, get some of you signed up for the beta, and get the rest of you excited enough to wait for our public release. I guarantee it will be worth the wait – SlideRocket will blow away your expectations of what can be done with web applications (something we’ll talk more about soon)!

As usual, we’re gonna use this blog to keep you posted on all aspects of SlideRocket, maybe some thoughts and comments on this whole Office 2.0 space, some ideas on making good presentations, and whatever else we feel like. Please check back often or RSS-up. And if you haven’t already signed up for our beta, here’s the link.

Of course, since this is the first post, it’s unlikely that anyone is actually reading this unless you somehow stumbled upon us somehow unexpectedly. But, hey, maybe you were reading the 2nd or 3rd or 4th (or hopefully 100th) post and wanted to see how it started. This was it.

This is SlideRocket Mission Control. We’re counting down to launch…