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Adobe MAX 2007 Chicago

By Nat Robinson on July 25, 2007

Mitch will be joining the conference to present SlideRocket in the “Inspire” sessions. Ted Patrick, Adobe’s Flex/MAX evangelist, has written a very encouraging blog entry about us that includes some shots of the SlideRocket interface plus a sneak preview presentation. Ted states the following:

Having used this application, it is a serious contender for the presentation market in that it is easy to use, easy to share, nothing to install, and it doesn’t clog your email with large presentation files.

I have been bugging Mitch to finish so I can switch to presenting with SlideRocket for all my presentations and I think we will see a public beta coming very soon.

Here is the rest of his blog entry. Thanks, Ted!

- mike

“What If I Don’t Have An Internet Connection?”

By Nat Robinson on July 16, 2007

We don’t want to sacrifice features just because SlideRocket runs in a browser. In fact, we want to provide a better presentation experience than both Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote currently offer. Therefore, we decided at the beginning of this project (March 1, 2006 more or less) that SlideRocket would run offline as well as online.

That means that you can deliver SlideRocket presentations even when you don’t have an Internet connection. It also means that you can author SlideRocket presentations offline. The functionality is similar to Microsoft Outlook, where you can work offline and everything you do synchronizes as soon as you re-connect to the network. We feel that this is crucial to presentations, since you never know where you’re going to be presenting. Or working, for that matter.

So you get the best of all worlds:

  1. SlideRocket runs in a browser so you can access it from anywhere
  2. You get all the features of a traditional desktop application
  3. It’s built from the ground up with collaboration, multimedia handling, and version control in mind
  4. It will let you work even when you can’t connect to the network

    - mike

    More on HD Video for SlideRocket

    By Nat Robinson on July 12, 2007

    Our goal with SlideRocket is to provide a Web-based experience that doesn’t sacrifice features found in desktop applications, so being able to deliver HD video is a huge step forward. One of the things that makes video play smoothly is assistance from the hardware, and this is something that Flash video has lacked. Until now.

    The folks at Project Sinergia have provided detailed analysis of how HD will work in their June 13, 2007 and July 2, 2007 posts:

    Adobe has released a new Flash Player 9 update (build rich of performance and quality improvements expecially in video playback.
    In my opinion the best improvements are:

    - Multi-threaded video decoding. The VP6 video decoding will now be performed in a separate thread if a multi-core system is detected while the main thread does rendering and post processing of the video. 1080p video decoding is now possible on dual core machines.

    - Full screen video decoding will leverage hardware scaling. Wonderful! why to scale a 640×480 video to 1280×1024 using the main processor when all the computer video cards today have video scaling technology? I think this is really a must for the definitive consacration of Flash Video Technology. I’ll post as soon as possible a test of this feature.

    - VBL in fullscreen. The player is now capable to syncronize the rendering in fullscreen to the “vertical blank” for a smooth playback of flash movies.

    - Automatic Mipmap for scaled videos and picture. Optimal for video thumbs

    - Faster Vp6 entropy decoding and improved deblocking filter.


    Now Flash has a very effective Full Screen mode. In my tests, the Full Screen Playback of 720p footage on a 22” monitor (1680×1050) has been performed around 30% faster by a dual core machine (Core 2 Duo).

    What does this mean for SlideRocket? It means we’ve taken a huge step forward in our ability to deliver the best possible presentations.

    - mike

    ps – we’re getting closer to the day when you can play with it…we promise.

    HD Video for SlideRocket

    By Nat Robinson on July 10, 2007

    Adobe released a new version of the Flash Player in June that dramatically improves video playback. This means that SlideRocket will be able to handle video up to HD quality using the VP6 codec.

    Here is a sample of HD video playing in Flash at 1280×720 pixels (720p) at 1,300Kbit/second (you will need to download the beta version of the Flash Player here).

    Beautiful, no?

    - mike

    Office 2.0 Database

    We’re now being listed on the Office 2.0 Database. That must mean we’re getting closer to launch, right?

    We also submitted our entry to the TechCrunch20 last week. Apparently we have our work cut out for us in giving Michael Arrington something to be excited about in the online presentation space.

    Here is the presentation that we included with our submission last week (you will need Flash Player 9 if you don’t already have it. Just click on each slide to advance to the next one. You can also access the navigation bar by moving the cursor to the bottom of each slide).

    - mike