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PowerPoint Import

By Nat Robinson on October 9, 2007

We have a number of milestones to announce this week. First, our beta community has created over 1000 presentations containing over 10,000 slides. Our servers have been handling the load smoothly, so we’ll be sending out more invites soon. Thank you, everyone, for your continued patience.


We’ve released the first version of PowerPoint import and I’ve already used it a bunch. It’s a great way to get a running start on your next  presentation without having to recreate all your slides from scratch. We’ve also added automatic slide numbering and fixed a number of issues that users have been reporting.


I used SlideRocket to present to ten people in a conference room yesterday and ended up using their laptop. I was able to access my slides and present without a hitch, even though I wasn’t using my own computer. Of all the amazing benefits that SlideRocket provides, I think that’s my favorite. It’s so nice not to have to lug a laptop to every meeting.


Here’s a detailed list of what’s new in beta version 31:

  • Added: PowerPoint Import
  • Added: Paragraph spacing
  • Added: Special merge fields {num} for slide number and {date} for date
  • Added: Backspace key now deletes elements from slides
  • Added: Indent, Left Margin and Right Margin settings for textboxes
  • Added: Help menu now includes link to user manual
  • Fixed: Applying new theme could wipe out slide contents
  • Fixed: Bullet points were not continued after a blank line in textbox
  • Fixed: Ungroup didn’t work
  • Fixed: Rotated elements are now positioned correctly
  • Fixed: Videos would stop playing after a few days
  • Fixed: Builds on text boxes can now be set to “Entire Text” and “Each Word”

We’ll be adding more features soon, and please keep the feedback coming.

- mike

Portfolio and an Update

By Nat Robinson on October 3, 2007

SlideRocket is great for corporate users, and it’s also turning out to be a great tool for graphic designers, advertising agencies, and other creative professionals to assemble portfolios of their work.

Click to View

Here is a great example from Manon at Tasty Visual (just click the “SlideRocket” button once you follow the link). Now that she’s moved her portfolio into SlideRocket she can embed it on her Web site, use it for in-person presentations, and update slides in both places simultaneously.

We’re excited to see what people are creating, and please let us know if you have something you’d like to share.

In other news, We’re close to posting a new version of SlideRocket with exciting new functionality as well as fixes for some issues that users have reported, and we’re continuing to invite people into the beta at a measured pace. We currently have about 500 users in the system and thousands more waiting to get in, so please be patient as we ramp up and send out more invites.

- mike

Adobe MAX 2007

By Nat Robinson on October 1, 2007

SlideRocket has received an honorable mention in Adobe’s 2007 MAX awards. Thank you, Adobe, for the recognition. The good news is that we’re only just getting started, and SlideRocket will have a lot more to offer in the coming months.

If you’re attending MAX this week, be sure to come see SlideRocket in action:

Inspire Session: Building SlideRocket, a New Breed of Presentation Software – Mitch Grasso
Monday, October 1st from 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

This changes everything! Learn how one developer set out to transform the way people create, manage, and share presentations on the web using Adobe Flex and AIR technologies. See one of the coolest rich Internet applications around, and find inspiration for your own innovative projects.

Mitch will be talking about aesthetic vs. functional design, SlideRocket’s position with respect to multiple goliaths, and how lack of features is not a feature. He’s put together a great presentation in SlideRocket, so stop by if you’re at MAX.

- mike