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Who’s Looking at my Slides?

By Nat Robinson on November 20, 2007

I’ve been using SlideRocket for my sales presentations. One of the things I love about it is being able to send people a link to the presentation I just showed them. That way, they can review the slides and pass them on to colleagues who need to be involved in the decision-making process.

SlideRocket also lets me track how often these presentations have been viewed, which is valuable information:

SlideRocket Statistics

Now I know whether there’s interest or not and I can react accordingly. In this particular instance, for example, I can see that I sent my presentation to 2 people and that it’s been viewed 10 times. I can also see the average time spent viewing the entire presentation, as well as the average time spent on each slide.

We’ll be adding more detail to these reports in future versions of SlideRocket, but what we already have is proving to be very useful.

- mike

Latest Version of SlideRocket

By Nat Robinson on November 12, 2007

We’ve recently posted beta release 33 of SlideRocket which improves asset management, printing capabilities, and keywords. It also fixes issues with build animations assigned to bulleted text.

Thank you to everyone who has been submitting bug reports, we’re listening and fixing things as quickly as we can. We didn’t publicize the release of version 32 but that included some great new shape drawing tools as well as resolutions for a number of issues.

I’ve included the full list of additions and fixes for both versions below, and you can always find this info within SlideRocket by clicking the “Feedback” button after you log in and looking in the Release Notes.

- mike

11.07.07 – Beta Release 33
Fixed: Slide name is set to Title placeholder automatically
Fixed: Thumbnails weren’t visible in Slide Library
Fixed: Deleting a slide immediately after creating was not deleted from server
Fixed: Ungrouped elements were not selectable
Fixed: “Saving slide” doesn’t disappear from layout editor after autosave (case 231)
Fixed: Nudging is doubled (case 711)
Fixed: Arrow key input while editing text would move cursor and nudge element
Fixed: Builds with bullet-pointed text now work as expected
Fixed: Wipe and Sparkle build masks now include bullet points

Added: Printing
Added: Redesigned Asset Preview dialog
Added: Replace asset
Added: Improved asset preview
Added: Improved keywords

10.19.07 – Beta Release 32
Fixed: Major performance improvement when dragging/resizing elements layered over image elements
Fixed: Chart data editor error when adding rows
Fixed: Adding rows to chart data had incorrect default name
Fixed: Default properties were set incorrectly when switching builds which sometimes resulted in hanging during preview
Fixed: Area-select now works when mousing down in gray area around canvas
Fixed: Drag-creating an element doesn’t get hung up if you mouse up off the canvas
Fixed: Locked elements are no longer area-selected or deletable
Fixed: Undefined placeholders are not shown in playback

Fixed: Slide element name should match asset name (case 668)
Fixed: Password cannot be changed (case 497)
Fixed: Imported PPTs have incorrect default sharing properties (case 598)
Fixed: Slide thumbnail should update when assigning image to placeholder (case 651)
Fixed: Image asset Reset Placeholder has no effect (case 344)
Fixed: Font size incorrectly applied when selecting another textbox (case 623)
Fixed: Insert text gets stuck in infinite insertion mode (case 493)
Fixed: SWF Playback framerate is not saved (case 652)
Fixed: Menu bar should work like standard menus (case 527 & 675)
Fixed: Changes are sometimes not saved (case 485)
Fixed: Backspace and Delete keys do not delete text boxes (case 677)
Fixed: Shortcut keys don’t work in Windows IE (case 32)

Added: New Shapes: Callout, Parallelogram, Trapezoid, Triangle, Right Triangle
Added: Can now custom edit shapes by dragging selection handle (ie. rounded rect corner radius, callout stem loc)
Added: Custom sliders to define star points and polygon sides
Added: Drag shapes from shape tray onto stage

Where’s my invite?

By Mitch Grasso on November 11, 2007

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted so, since Mike’s on vacation, I thought I’d jump in with a quick post about invitation status.

First of all, thanks a ton to everyone whose been testing SlideRocket and sending us such great and positive feedback. If you haven’t received your invitation yet, we apologize. We’ve had almost 10,000 people sign up for the beta and, while we’ve sent out almost 1500 invitations, we realize that the majority of you are still waiting. We are planning to push out another big release fixing many of the outstanding issues within the next 2 weeks. After that, we hope to send out some big chunks of invites.

So if you are still waiting, thanks for your patience. We hope you think SlideRocket was worth the wait!