SlideRocket Blog

What’s New?

By Nat Robinson on April 17, 2008

This week we’ve been working on some very important fixes and new functionality. Many of you have asked for these features and we think you’re going to like them:

PowerPoint Import

Has improved in both accuracy and speed with greater support for Windows fonts. Import your latest PowerPoint today and put it to work in SlideRocket.


The ever handy undo makes it’s debut performance in SlideRocket. Making a quick revision is now part of the SlideRocket feature set. Just hit CTRL-Z (CMND-Z for Mac) and get back to where you started.


Working with tables has increased in stability and usability with changes to selection, alignment and formatting. Create a comparison chart, a pricing matrix and try binding your table to a Google Spreadsheet.

Slide Navigation Pane

A quick fix to quick clicks. Clicking quickly through slides in the slide navigation pane was causing data loss or odd resizing, now you can click as fast as you like!

Snow Plug-in

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow with the new SlideRocket Snow Plug-in. Try out the new plug-in and see how many different kinds of snow you can make. By tweaking the various plug-in properties you can go beyond snow and make all kinds of interesting motion backgrounds too. Who said presentations can’t be fun?
Snow Plugin

We’re doing a lot of bug fixing and smoothing based on your comments and feedback. Please keep them coming and be sure to check out the new and improved feature set.

Your Beta Mission

By Nat Robinson on April 7, 2008

Thanks to everyone who’s shown an interest in SlideRocket and signed up for a private beta account, the response has been overwhelming! The good news is that many of you already have accounts and have been sending us some really great feedback, muchas gracias! For those of you who don’t yet have a beta account we hope to be letting you in very soon. We’ll be opening up another 500 slots today and more will follow in short order. This timed release allows us to gradually ramp up and test the software and infrastructure while still ensuring a great experience.

For the newbie’s, here are a couple of things to think about as you use SlideRocket for the first time. The kinds of things that make the beta program invaluable for us and will help you get the most out of your SlideRocket account.

1. Try everything. Import a PowerPoint, apply some effects and builds, share the online link with some friends and then measure who watched what etc. etc. The more you can try the better you will understand the breadth and depth of SlideRocket’s capabilities.
2. We care what you think so don’t be afraid to tell us. Click on the Feedback button in the lower left corner of the SlideRocket screen and then click Send Feedback
3. We don’t really like bugs but we do like getting rid of them. If you find an issue or problem or something you don’t understand, go ahead and click the Send Bug Report button in the upper right of the screen. The more detail you can give us about how to reproduce an issue, the quicker we can get it fixed.
4. Tell us about your experience, what did you expect to happen? what actually happened? How would you change it?
5. Tell us what you’d love to see in SlideRocket, you never know maybe someone else wants it too.
6. Tell us what you liked. It’s always nice to get encouragement :-D

Thanks in advance for all the feedback. You’re helping us make SlideRocket better every day, literally.