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Vacancy – Training & Support Manager

By Nat Robinson on May 30, 2008

We just posted a job vacancy on the web site for a training and support manager and we’d love to hear from you or someone you know if you think there’s a fit. This is a great opportunity for the right person to get deeply involved in an early stage company to define and establish two very critical service components then decide how these parts of the business mature. Like any startup there’s always something to do, we work long hours and we’re all passionate believers that what we’re building will go way beyond the kind of presentation software that’s available today. If you’re into it, come join the team.

Size Matters

By Nat Robinson on May 16, 2008

Recently one of our beta users (we’ll call her Kelly) was trying to upload a large 42Mb Flash animation file.

“Hi, I am trying to add a flash animation to a presentation that is 42meg and am hitting a limit that you have set for these. I am not sure why you have a limit here as it prevents me from using this animation. Warm regards, Kelly”.

Apparently size does matter to Kelly so we said…

“Hi Kelly, Thanks again for writing to SlideRocket. Our main concern is that viewing presentations with massively large assets will result in a more sluggish viewer experience due to the fact that they will have to download all of the presentation as they view it. We are after all a web application, and the web is the medium we all use for data transfer. With that said, we can understand the need for more upload disk space and are consulting internally on raising upload limits. Hope that helps. Please keep writing in with your suggestions. SlideRocket Mission Control”.

shortly thereafter Kelly replied…

“Thanks for the quick follow up and willingness to make changes. I think the justification for changing this limit is in fact you are not just a web application. From a users viewpoint you are both web and a nonweb application. After all that is what Sliderocket is for isn’t it? I personally cannot be dependent of having internet connection when I am giving presentations and imagine many others would be the same. Thanks, Kelly”.

and so we said…

“Hi Kelly, You’ve prompted some spirited discussion here and we’ve decided to increase the file size uppload limit to 100MB. Due to where we are in our release cycle, it might be a week or two until we are able to push out the new build to our servers. Thanks for your patience and great input. SlideRocket Mission Control”.

and then Kelly said…

“It is always nice to feel like someone is listening… I appreciate it. Kelly”.

We are listening and we absolutely appreciate all the beta feedback. Thanks Kelly and everyone else who’s helping us make SlideRocket into a world class product. SlideRocket is committed to providing you with the best tools, content and services to make your presentations great.


By Nat Robinson on May 9, 2008

Lately we’ve been pretty caught up figuring out how to communicate all the value that is SlideRocket. Our challenge is that SlideRocket crosses multiple existing categories of software like presentation authoring (PowerPoint, Keynote etc.), collaboration (MS Groove) content management (SharePoint, Interwoven, EMC), online presentations (e.g. WebEx, GoToMeeting) and of course does a few new things too like Plugins, Secure Sharing, Presentation Metrics and The SlideRocket Marketplace. What do we call this new super category? Super Presentations-R-Us? All-In-One Presentation Authoring, Management, Sharing & Metrics? We can’t honestly say that we’ve cracked it yet. Right now we’re just going to go with SlideRocket :-)

To counter balance all this high-level “strategizing” we decided to get back to basics and start a series of demo movies that illustrate how fun and quick SlideRocket is to use and show you some tricks and tips to get you started.

You can view these at the new demo movies page. Pull up a chair, make some popcorn and settle in for some fun and informative viewing.

Jump Into The Cloud

By Nat Robinson on May 5, 2008

Well known technical evangelist Robert Scoble recently Twittered that he didn’t feel the need to purchase the latest version of Microsoft Office because all his documents now reside in the cloud on various web based applications / services (one of which is SlideRocket).

I’ve been watching my usage. In two months I’ve only used Outlook out of the entire Office Suite. Everything else? Moved onto online servcs.” – 09:06 AM April 30, 2008 from web. – Robert Scoble

While we’re very happy to hear that, Mr. Scoble is more than probably in the early adopter category for crossing the chasm so we’re wondering what the rest of you think. Take our productivity tools poll and see who else is ready to jump into the cloud.

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