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Office 2.0 – Document Management 2.0

By Nat Robinson on August 27, 2008

We just found out that Mitch Grasso SlideRocket’s CEO & Co-founder will be part of the Document Management 2.0 panel at Office 2.0 next Thursday, September 4th, 2008, 3:30pm-4:15pm at the St. Regis in San Francisco. This session should be a doozy and also includes Jason Harrop from Plutext, Gregg Johnson from, David Terrar from WordFrame and is mediated by Francois Ragnet from Xerox. The whole event is shaping up to be a fantastic look into the issues that offices of today are presented with. Hope to see you all there.

SlideRocket Hiphop Beg In

By Nat Robinson on August 12, 2008

We received our first beta request in hiphop / rap / rhyme today. We were so impressed with the spirit of the email (not to mention the rhymin’) that we had to share it with everyone.


My name is Douggie A and I’m dying to try it
I’m beggin’ you to Beta me so I can jump in and fly it.
My marketing acumen needs a new tool
Your Web site shows an app that is makin’ me drool
I want to use it now and look incredibly cool.
This little hip hop song might seem a bit brash
But I want to shove my #!*&! PowerPoint right into the trash.

Douggie A. / Atlanta

We love the enthusiasm! Thanks Douggie, your beta account invite is on the way.

See Us at Office 2.0

By Nat Robinson on August 4, 2008

Office 2.0 2008 kicks off in less than a month at the St. Regis hotel in San Francisco and SlideRocket will be there to greet you. Come find us at the event and we’ll be happy to walk you through a demo and show you how we’re working on Presentations 2.0. We’ll be giving away a single user annual SlideRocket subscription for each day of the event so be sure to stop by the demo area and drop your business card in the bowl to qualify. Sign up now and receive $100 off the conference registration fee. Hope to see you all there!