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It is National Just Say No to PowerPoint Week: Just Say Yes to SlideRocket!

By Tracy Frey on February 10, 2009

According to the Nashua Telegraph, this week (February 9th to 13th) is officially Just Say No to PowerPoint Week.  We think this is an important holiday that bears recognition.  The Nashua Telegraph points to a few things everyone can do to fulfill his or her duty, and Just Say No:

“[This week] is a time to encourage those who rely on PowerPoint as a presentation crutch to get creative. Consider incorporating charades (“Sounds like ‘nudge’? Um, ‘budge’? Budge! Small word. It? It! Budge it? Budget!”) and giving candy to those who guess correctly…

If you’re not ready to broaden your creative horizons quite that far, try experimenting with the different bells and whistles PowerPoint has to offer. If you’re going to stand there and read slides at your audience, at least give them some snazzy clip art to enjoy.”

This last point is where we come in.  Now, you – dear PowerPoint user – have an alternative.  You can certainly explore said bells and whistles if you like.  There’s a lot of them, once (if?) you can find them. Then you can import that presentation into SlideRocket and really turn on the gas.  OR, you could just start in SlideRocket, instantly add awesome stock photography or Flickr images, use our plugin architecture to add quotes and effects, or hey – why not? – import (gasp!) HD videos and ensure that everyone who views your presentation can see them clearly.  Even in a web meeting.  Yup, you heard me. I said HD video in a web meeting without compromise.

So, proud presentation creators, stand strong during this week, and don’t Just Say No to PowerPoint; Say Yes to SlideRocket!

Want to see some examples?  Check out our demos page. Want to learn more? Join our weekly intro tutorial tomorrow (Wednesday, Februrary 11th) at 11 AM PT and we’ll help you celebrate this holiday for all it is worth.

PhotoShow Winners Announced!

By Nat Robinson on February 2, 2009

Thanks to everyone who entered our ATP sponsored PhotoShow. We had some great entries and we’re very pleased to announce the winners.

Category A – Portfolio

1st Place – Denise Marcolina – Random Selection

Runner Up – Wendy Ardolino – Ardolino Photography

Category B – Photo Essay

1st Place – Dan Marcolina – Blurring the Lines

Runner Up – Sameer K Bobade – Beauty of Nature

We were really impressed by the way everyone used SlideRocket to creatively present their photos. Congratulations not only to the winners but to everyone who participated.

If you liked the PhotoShow then you’ll probably love our community sourced presentation, Presentation Horror Stories. Make a slide to tell your horror story and share it with