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Slide Audio launches today

By Chuck Dietrich on December 16, 2009

Click here to see Slide Audio in action and here for a quick demo.

Today, we are excited to announce the release of another great feature to make your on-demand presentations more personalized and impactful.

Introducing Slide Audio, our new feature enabling you to easily record audio to your slides in a matter of minutes. Forget about having to deal with the complexity of coordinating one massive audio file to an entire presentation. Now, with the mere click of a button, you can record audio to each slide, time it to your slide builds for effect and create a engaging and informative on-demand presentation. Your presentation now becomes a living document, fit to tell an entire story.

Wondering how to make it work? Create your slide, click to record your audio narration on the slide, and simply send a link of your presentation to your audience. The recorded audio will walk your audience through the details of your message, slide by slide – immediately, you have the added capability to be more descriptive and keep your slide engaging with images.

How to use your SlideRocket audio presentation? We have some great ideas:

Using presentations as a vehicle for sales pitches? Win deals. Sell More.

Using slide audio, you can create presentations with personalized sales pitches that your prospects can view and then forward around to their colleagues. With audio on each slide you can have different spokespeople for different slides to help your message come alive. Your sales team will be selling and closing deals in their sleep, thanks to SlideRocket’s on-demand presentations.

Using presentations to train your employees? Keep them engaged.

Build reusable training presentations in minutes that have all the details needed to successfully train your employees or customers. Forget about boring bullet points – thanks to your audio, you can use less text on your slides with engaging images to help keep the audience attentive.

Using presentations as a communication tool for your customers? Keep them in the loop.

By simply sending your customers a link to your presentation, your audio will walk them through the details of your message, slide by slide. Now, your entire organization can be on point, with consistent messaging.
With slide audio, building your all-in-one, on-demand presentations is easy!  And of course, your audio presentations will have all the same great qualities of your other SlideRocket presentations. Continue reaping the benefits of: analytics that let you know who views your presentations, asset and slide management that allows you to update hundreds of presentations instantly, collaboration with peers in real time to build presentations and never having multiple versions of a slide running amok.

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