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Geek’s Guide to Building Your SXSW Schedule

By John Rode on March 5, 2012

Geek's Guide to the SXSW Schedule

The SXSW schedule is packed with sessions for the Geek in all of us. From apps to lasers, hackers to green energy, we’ve culled the sessions to make it easier to build your SXSW schedule.

Are you a marketer and a geek? God bless you! Check out the SXSW Session Guide For Marketers as well.

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The Potion for Motion: Interactive Interfaces/Apps

This SXSW will discuss key methodologies for improving the UI beyond today’s rudimentary navigation approaches.


Light and the Unexplored Communications Frontier

This session explores how free-space optical communications stands to fundamentally change how humans use wireless networks.


Are Wired Hospitals Losing the Patient Connection?

This SXSW panel of nationally recognized leaders in healthcare has applied technology solutions to enhance quality of patient care across disciplines.


Your Energy Use: Too Busy/Lazy/Apathetic to Care?

Add this session to your SXSW schedule to see real world examples of how ordinary people are doing simple things for extraordinary energy results.


A Tale of Two City Hackathons

In the fall of 2011 the cities of Philadelphia and Baltimore were the sites for civic hackathons organized by a collective of developers and activists. Which hackathon will be judged to be more successful?


User Research: Lessons from Borderlands

Add this session to your SXSW schedule to see concrete examples from the development of Borderlands that demonstrate how anyone with a need for information and some creative thinking can get the feedback they need with limited resources.


Street-Level Genius: An African Maker Safari

This example-filled SXSW panel discussion will be fun, eye-opening and inspirational. Come and see what lessons constraint-based innovation hold for us all.

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