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No New Signups: Integration In Progress

By Bryan Alexander on June 7, 2013

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to inquire about SlideRocket’s new direction these past three months! We know you still have many questions about how our integration with ClearSlide will affect existing SlideRocket accounts, and we will be updating current account holders in the near future with all the exciting things that we’ve been working on.

As with any transition, some things must change in order to make way for the new. Our website is already reflecting this. Specifically, many of you have wondered why we are no longer accepting signups for SlideRocket in its current form. This curiosity is understandable, and the answer is simple: we have been working diligently on creating an even better, integrated presentation tool. This new platform will ultimately be available from the ClearSlide website, so it makes sense that all new accounts start there.

If you’re interested in the exciting new direction SlideRocket is headed and you have a Sales or Marketing team, I highly recommend that you check out ClearSlide. You can find out more about it here. The integration of SlideRocket’s dynamic editing capabilities into ClearSlide’s acclaimed sales engagement platform will produce the most elegant, robust presentation tool available. We can’t wait to help your organization achieve its business goals!


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