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Justify Your Love of Type – SlideRocket Updates

June 24, 2011 May Allen

We hear repeatedly from our customers, especially designers, that people love creating presentations in SlideRocket. Our latest release has a special focus on typography, and contains powerful new text editing tools that will really make your presentation type shine. The following new additions will be available when you create a presentation, while text in existing presentations will be automatically converted when opened in the editor. This process can take a couple of minutes, so do plan accordingly. Here are the highlights: (more…)

Infographic: Death by PowerPoint

June 22, 2011 May Allen

Check out this great infographic from our recent Death by PowerPoint survey!

Death by PowerPoint? SlideRocket Saves Presentations!

June 21, 2011 May Allen

New survey data confirms, death by PowerPoint is a national epidemic and we need a presentation revolution. Check out the SlideRocket summary of our findings:

According to survey data, PowerPoint ranks among the most dreaded applications, with respondents claiming they would rather go to the dentist or work on a Saturday than face the dreaded software, and too much text and boring graphics topping the list of frustrating and uninspired features. Fortunately, death by PowerPoint is completely avoidable with SlideRocket’s fabulous online presentationspresentation resourcesiPad presentations, and social presentations. Oh my!

SlideRocket Updates

May 20, 2011 May Allen

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a great week at SlideRocket, our team is working on some really big stuff that will be available soon. Meanwhile, we’re releasing new features every few weeks. Our last update went out with a number of tasty morsels for SlideRocket users to enjoy. Here are the highlights: (more…)

Presentation Data Shows Mobile Madness

April 19, 2011 May Allen

New data gathered from our presentation index sheds light on how to perfect your presentations for the way work today. Among the results, iPhone and iPad presentations lead the pack in total presentation views, Android presentations show stunning growth over Q1, and presentations with an audio soundtrack are viewed all the way to the end. Here’s an infographic picture of all our findings:

Back to Basics

April 1, 2011 May Allen

Bill, you were right all along. Our bad.

Today we’re excited to announce the most massive SlideRocket makeover in history.
In order to better compete with PowerPoint, we’ve slashed our interface, removed nearly all our interactive features, mercilessly stripped out flickr and youtube integrations, and gutted our gallery of themes and inspirational presentations.

We’ve simplified the heck out of SlideRocket so that users can make the same old, boring presentations they’re used to making in PowerPoint. (more…)

Congratulations to the SXSW Accelerator Winners!

March 16, 2011 May Allen

SlideRocket’s here at SXSW powering the Accelerator program – where news-related, social media, social networking, entertainment, music, and innovative web technology startups showcase their products for the chance to win big. This year, over 400 startups applied for the Accelerator competition, and 32 were accepted, and 12 moved to the final round.

Over the course of the last few days, each of the finalists pitched their web-based products using SlideRocket, and we’re pretty fired up about the final presentations. Here’s a roundup of the finalists and winners: (more…)

The Best Presentation of the Decade

January 5, 2011 May Allen

We’ve seen a decade of fabulous stories, infographics, animations, and ideas. We highlighted these presentations together as the most Dramastic Presentations of the Decade – the best presentations with the most dramatic, fantastic, even drastic visual stories. Click to view the presentation. You voted for the best one, here are the results!

Presentations included "Enchantment", "An Inconvenient Truth", "Parisian Love", and "The Girl Effect".


iPads for the Holidays!

December 20, 2010 May Allen

An iPad a Day Through December 24th!

To participate in our iPad giveaway, all you need to do is install SlideRocket in Google Chrome, sign in to provision your account (just click on the SlideRocket icon), and include the #sliderocket tag in any tweet on twitter. You can be creative with your tweet or re-tweet our message. We’ll announce the winner each day on twitter, so don’t forget to follow @sliderocket to find out if you’ve won. No purchase required – just a SlideRocket/Chrome account.

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Dramastic Presentations of the Decade

December 15, 2010 May Allen

Dramastic! Yeah, we made up the word – sort of accidentally – but the more we used it the more it made sense. Dramastic means dramatic, fantastic, and even a little bit of drastic. So here they are – Dramastic Presentations of the Decade. From climate change to Google search to credit crisis to tweeting from outer space – there’s a presentation for that.

What was the most Dramastic Presentation of the Decade? Watch the slideshow and vote at the end. We’ll announce the Most Dramastic Presentation of the Decade on December 31st.

UPDATE (12/17) – Based on community feedback, we’ve added two more presentations, one from a rock star and one from a stand-up comedian. Enjoy and keep your votes coming!