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What Is An Online Presentation?

By Nat Robinson on April 5, 2011

In 1997 IBM coined the term e-Business which helped define a decade of change in the way we use technology to conduct business. This concept caught on like wildfire and soon everything became prefaced with an “e” e-New York, e-fiction, e-ciao (see below), e-thwack etc. but over time e-Business just became business, or rather that which was new and different became the norm. Now it’s just business as usual.

e-ciao. Vespa is an IBM e-business.

Today SlideRocket is helping define a new category of communication technology known commonly as online presentations. Just like e-Business we believe that over the next few years online presentations will become the new norm and what was once typified as an online presentation will be just a presentation. The reason this will happen is that online presentations represent significant advantages in the way that you experience presentations and deliver stories (story = strategy + value).

To understand those advantages we first have to understand what an online presentation is. Enter the 8 Principles Of Online Presentations, a list we’ve devised to serve as a guideline for our category. It’s a work in progress so feel free to comment and add your own thoughts below.


#1 Available – Access anywhere you have an Internet connection and a browser, nothing to install, upgrade or (more…)

Back to Basics

By May Allen on April 1, 2011

Bill, you were right all along. Our bad.

Today we’re excited to announce the most massive SlideRocket makeover in history.
In order to better compete with PowerPoint, we’ve slashed our interface, removed nearly all our interactive features, mercilessly stripped out flickr and youtube integrations, and gutted our gallery of themes and inspirational presentations.

We’ve simplified the heck out of SlideRocket so that users can make the same old, boring presentations they’re used to making in PowerPoint. (more…)

Congratulations to the SXSW Accelerator Winners!

By May Allen on March 16, 2011

SlideRocket’s here at SXSW powering the Accelerator program – where news-related, social media, social networking, entertainment, music, and innovative web technology startups showcase their products for the chance to win big. This year, over 400 startups applied for the Accelerator competition, and 32 were accepted, and 12 moved to the final round.

Over the course of the last few days, each of the finalists pitched their web-based products using SlideRocket, and we’re pretty fired up about the final presentations. Here’s a roundup of the finalists and winners: (more…)

Great Presentations – NASA at SXSW 2011

By John Rode on March 13, 2011

A NASA presentation and SlideRocket are a natural fit. While at SXSW we were fortunate to catch Nicholas Skytland deliver an inspiring presentation using SlideRocket titled, “The Next Rocket Scientist: You“. We’re not the only ones who were impressed as it was quickly picked-up on the Twitter stream.

What Makes This Presentation Great? (more…)

SXSW 2011 Here We Come

By John Rode on March 11, 2011

The #SXSW Tweets have reached a truly frenetic pace, SlideRocket presentations are already being fired up, and the SlideRocket team is getting ready to land in Austin. SXSW promises to deliver this year an intense and entertaining week full of awesome presentations.

Be sure to stop by and see SlideRocket in booth #825 across from the SXsaloon bar. Yeah, you can’t miss us. We’ll be the ones rockin’ the presentations and giving away beer koozies. And on Monday at 1:30 PM we’ll have none other than Guy Kawasaki in our booth pimping his new book Enchantment with free, signed copies. Get there early – once the free books are gone, all you’ll get is a koozie. (more…)

SlideRocket’s Chrome Web Store Experience

By Nat Robinson on February 10, 2011

Last December Google launched an applications web store for it’s Chrome browser and announced that usage of Chrome had grown from 40 million to 120 million. SlideRocket was fortunate to be one of 10 launch partners that participated in the event and was live on the Chrome Web Store from day one. It’s great having Google pave the way for web apps and like some other Chrome web store participants we wanted to share what this has meant to our business.

#1 Results - The SlideRocket app on the Chrome Web Store received over 50,000 installs in the first 10 days of availability and the volume hasn’t yet dropped off. As much as 60% of SlideRocket’s daily lead flow now comes from the Chrome Web Store. (more…)

SlideRocket Partners with crowdSPRING

By Nat Robinson on February 1, 2011

Last November, Rachel Arndt from Fast Company ran a slideshow titled, The Coolest Products From the 2010 Chicago Innovation Awards (you can watch it here). 2 slides in, I came across crowdSPRING and after reading the brief description I just knew I wanted SlideRocket to partner with them. Here’s how Rachel describes them.

SlideRocket partners with crowdSPRING

crowdSPRING connects companies looking for creative work with web designers, artists, marketers, and writers who can fill their needs. The company, which launched in 2007, now touts 75,000 members, and bills itself as the “world’s largest marketplace for creative services.”

What a great resource that would be for SlideRocket I thought to myself. We so often get SlideRocket users asking us for referrals to affordable designers who know how to make a presentation stand out from the crowd and likewise from designers and agencies looking for projects to work on. Wouldn’t it be amazing to let them find each other online? (more…)

iPads for the Holidays!

By May Allen on December 20, 2010

An iPad a Day Through December 24th!

To participate in our iPad giveaway, all you need to do is install SlideRocket in Google Chrome, sign in to provision your account (just click on the SlideRocket icon), and include the #sliderocket tag in any tweet on twitter. You can be creative with your tweet or re-tweet our message. We’ll announce the winner each day on twitter, so don’t forget to follow @sliderocket to find out if you’ve won. No purchase required – just a SlideRocket/Chrome account.

btn1 btn2 btn3



The Google Chrome Web Store – One Week Later

By Chuck Dietrich on December 13, 2010

Last week, SlideRocket launched in the Google Chrome Web Store. It’s been a remarkable 7 days with 5,000 people a day signing up for SlideRocket through the Google Chrome Web Store. I want to congratulate the Chrome team and share our thoughts about this news.

First, I’m convinced the Chrome OS could change the future of computing. I am counting the days until I can pick up any device and instantly have everything I need to run my business at my fingertips. Working in the cloud is about simplicity and personalization anytime and anywhere. That’s the Chrome OS vision – anywhere access to your content,  applications, and web experience. Google’s vision is accelerated through the Chrome Web store, which is tightly integrated with the Chrome OS, Chrome browser, and Google Accounts. For instance, you can sign on to SlideRocket and start building, viewing and sharing presentations in a single click.

We’re honored that SlideRocket is the #1 Staff Pick, among the most popular apps, and has been installed 33,961 times from the store so far.  The response and feedback from our new Chrome users has been amazing, please keep your comments and reviews coming.

It’s just the beginning, and people love Chrome and the ability to easily install and use their favorite web apps. Again, huge congratulations to the Chrome team and also to our team here at SlideRocket.  And most of all, a big welcome to all our new Chrome users.  We’re very happy to have you on board.

SlideRocket in the Google Chrome Web Store

SlideRocket Joins the Google Chrome Web Store

By Nat Robinson on December 7, 2010

Today Google announced their Chrome Web Store and we announced that SlideRocket is one of the first apps to join and the first to bring stunning presentation software to over 70 million Google Chrome users. Here’s what you need to know:

Welcome To Your New Office, The Browser
Today much of our personal lives are enhanced with interactions via online services. We send and receive emails and may visit and use upwards of 10 or more different web based applications a day. Increasingly business interactions are moving to the web and Google has created the Chrome Web Store to let you find and manage all you web apps in one one logical place.

One-Click Access / Single Sign-On
With Google’s Chrome Web Store you can install SlideRocket into your app tab in one click. Once installed SlideRocket is available to you at the top of every new browser tab you open in the new app section. One more click will launch SlideRocket and log you using the credentials you choose. After entering the your credentials the first time you won’t need to log in again and single sign-on will be enabled.

Log-in to SlideRocket with your Google Apps or Google ID
As part of our Chrome Web Store integration we’ve employed Open ID to let you use single click log-in with your existing SlideRocket credentials as well as your Google email id or your Google Apps id. This makes the jump from your Chrome browser to SlideRocket almost instantaneous.

Google is in the process of doing some account consolidation around their ID’s so if you encounter any problems please contact our support team via support at sliderocket dot com and we’ll help you figure it out. If you’re a Google Apps user you may also wan to consult with your Google Apps account admin.

Fast Account Provisioning
If you don’t have an account already, SlideRocket will provision a new Lite account for you on the fly. You may want to update your password and account details once your account is created but getting a new account started in SlideRocket will be very quick and easy.

Communicate and Connect
SlideRocket’s is bringing our award winning, web based presentation software to Google Chrome to help you create stunning presentations that engage your audience and deliver convincing communications. We show you how your presentations can engage your audience to produce successful outcomes and quantifiable results while streamlining your business and addressing workflow and redundancy problems that exist in today’s desktop solutions. We connect you to your customers, your co-workers and a wide world of online resources to help you present your best.

Take Action
Watch the presentation news release (PNR)
Read the SlideRocket press release
Download Google’s Chrome browser
Go to the Chrome Web Store
Find out more…

Do you use Google Chrome? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think about the new web store.

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