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Gearing up for SXSW

By Chuck Dietrich on January 27, 2010

Hopefully you’ve heard that SlideRocket is the official online presentation partner for the upcoming SXSW Interactive Festival, March 12-16, 2010 in Austin, Texas.

Are you presenting this year? If you are, we are providing you with a free Business Edition account. Sign up to claim yours today, and we’ll be excited to help you get started in SlideRocket!

As the official online presentation partner of the event, we are thrilled with the opportunity to work with those of you presenting at SXSW to maximize the impact, effectiveness and lifetime value of your presentation. And good news for SXSW attendees- SlideRocket now becomes your go-to resource for event content – since our presentations are embeddable, SXSW will be able to share them on their site post-event, and the presenters can also do so on their own blogs or websites.

An incubator of cutting-edge technologies, the SXSW Interactive Festival brings together the world’s most creative web developers, designers, bloggers, wireless innovators, content producers, programmers, widget inventors and new media entrepreneurs. Until SlideRocket, presentations have been limited to flat, static slides built with antiquated technology. SlideRocket’s application changes the way people think about presentations – now, they are completely interactive, engaging and collaborative.

If you are presenting at SXSW this year, we would love the opportunity to work with you on your presentation.

Let’s get started with our top 10 tips for presenting:

1. Engage your audience

Check out our recent seminar, “The Backchannel: Presenter’s Nightmare or Dream Come True?” and learn how to make your presentation a two-way experience for you and your audience using social media tools such as Twitter.

2. Know your audience and interact with them

Take time to gather insight about the people you’ll be presenting to and ensure that your presentation packs a punch. Take polls or surveys, ask questions, or solicit input at various points throughout the presentation.  Here are some things you should know to keep attendees interested.

3. Use color

Evoke emotion and reactions, garner attention and influence the mood of your audience by reading our tips on using color in your presentation here.

4. Consider your angle

Point of view is everything. Stephanie Silverman of SilvermanSpeechConsulting has a great guest post on our blog, outlining 10 things to think about as you create and deliver presentations.

5. Use body language to enhance delivery

While what you say is very important, most often it’s the non-verbal cues you give that will determine how the audience responds to your presentation. Here are some great tips on our blog.

6. Maximize your presentations to achieve success

It can be difficult to promote yourself with a clear message, in a compelling and engaging manner so prospects understand and relate to the value of your product or service. Take a look at our newly updated Customer Page to get an idea of how SlideRocket users are meeting their business goals.

7. Record Audio

Creating pre-recorded content is a perfect way for allowing your presentation to live on after you are done speaking. Here are some best practices for recording audio.

8. Structuring your slides for maximum visual impact

The way you display information on your slides can make or break your presentation. Check out our tips, which include ideas on font selection, image selection and color usage.

9. Know how to use charts and diagrams

As research proves that visuals increase information clarity and retention, charts and diagrams continue to play a prominent role in presentations.  Learn the right way – and a wrong way – to structure and use them.

10. Effectively use presentation handouts

- Handouts are a great way to enhance your presentation, serving as a valuable reference tool.  Avoid rendering your handouts useless with these tips.

Slide Audio launches today

By Chuck Dietrich on December 16, 2009

Click here to see Slide Audio in action and here for a quick demo.

Today, we are excited to announce the release of another great feature to make your on-demand presentations more personalized and impactful.

Introducing Slide Audio, our new feature enabling you to easily record audio to your slides in a matter of minutes. Forget about having to deal with the complexity of coordinating one massive audio file to an entire presentation. Now, with the mere click of a button, you can record audio to each slide, time it to your slide builds for effect and create a engaging and informative on-demand presentation. Your presentation now becomes a living document, fit to tell an entire story.

Wondering how to make it work? Create your slide, click to record your audio narration on the slide, and simply send a link of your presentation to your audience. The recorded audio will walk your audience through the details of your message, slide by slide – immediately, you have the added capability to be more descriptive and keep your slide engaging with images.

How to use your SlideRocket audio presentation? We have some great ideas:

Using presentations as a vehicle for sales pitches? Win deals. Sell More.

Using slide audio, you can create presentations with personalized sales pitches that your prospects can view and then forward around to their colleagues. With audio on each slide you can have different spokespeople for different slides to help your message come alive. Your sales team will be selling and closing deals in their sleep, thanks to SlideRocket’s on-demand presentations.

Using presentations to train your employees? Keep them engaged.

Build reusable training presentations in minutes that have all the details needed to successfully train your employees or customers. Forget about boring bullet points – thanks to your audio, you can use less text on your slides with engaging images to help keep the audience attentive.

Using presentations as a communication tool for your customers? Keep them in the loop.

By simply sending your customers a link to your presentation, your audio will walk them through the details of your message, slide by slide. Now, your entire organization can be on point, with consistent messaging.
With slide audio, building your all-in-one, on-demand presentations is easy!  And of course, your audio presentations will have all the same great qualities of your other SlideRocket presentations. Continue reaping the benefits of: analytics that let you know who views your presentations, asset and slide management that allows you to update hundreds of presentations instantly, collaboration with peers in real time to build presentations and never having multiple versions of a slide running amok.

The Ultimate Holiday Presentation Pack Twitter Contest

By Tracy Frey on December 2, 2009

Feeling overwhelmed with holiday shopping? Couldn’t stomach the Black Friday crowds and Cyber Monday mayhem?

Don’t forget that it’s the time of year for giving. Here at SlideRocket, we are not only revolutionizing presentations, but also making your holiday shopping easier. Don’t miss your chance to win two ultimate presentation holiday packs.

You don’t want to miss this awesome opportunity. You will have two chances to win these cool prizes:

Just follow our 3 simple steps and you could win these incredible prizes just in time for the holidays. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for a free, no risk trial of SlideRocket (no credit card required).
  2. Follow SlideRocket on Twitter. You’ll need a Twitter account for this, it’s free and you can sign up here.
  3. Tweet about SlideRocket online presentations using the #sliderocket hash tag. You can tweet as many times as you like, the more you tweet the more chances you have to win!

You can check out all of the contest details here:

Remember – each tweet is considered an entry, so the more times you tweet, the more chances you have to win. Winners will be chosen at random. No bots or automated scripts please. No purchase is required, however the winner does need a SlideRocket account (can be Trial, Free, Individual, or Business) and be a SlideRocket follower on Twitter. Good luck!

Netbooks And The Future of Web Apps

By Chuck Dietrich on November 25, 2009

Flipping through the Black Friday ads for Best Buy, it looks like Netbooks are going to be another hot holiday gift idea this year- some are on sale for less than $200. Cheaper and designed to be more portable than traditional laptops, Netbooks have some exciting capabilities. As consumers gear up for one of the biggest shopping days of the year, it is interesting for us in the tech world to see the Netbook buzz developing.

Revered tech blog GigaOm (recently, awesomely redesigned….) has a dedicated Netbooks section. Last week, Netbooks figured heavily in the conversation surrounding the release of Chrome’s OS and cloud computing. According to GigaOm, “The operating system [Google Chrome] is designed to imbue web applications with the ‘full functionality of desktop applications.’ As for the reasons behind the development of the new platform, they pointed to rapid growth in the  Netbook market — where Chrome OS is aimed — and cloud computing.”

Did they say a free operating system, aimed for the mobile worker on the go, with the purpose of providing all the online applications you need, anywhere you are? I’m sold!

This is something we believe in strongly at SlideRocket – affordable, cloud-based solutions aimed at making work easier.  Imagine a world where you never have to install or upgrade another software application on your computer – instead, you simply use powerful Netbooks and choose the best of breed web-based applications that meet your needs.  Ahhhh…simplicity, choice and the reassurance that you are always using an application’s latest and greatest version. It looks like the once considered need to have ‘desktop applications’ such as the office suite software may become a thing of the past.  Email, docs, calendars, spreadsheets and, of course, presentations — everything you could possibly want or need on your Netbook is now available to you, for free, and all on the web.

NetBooks + Chrome OS + web based apps will get us all that much closer to a fully web based world!

SXSW Interactive Gets SlideRocket-ed

By Tracy Frey on October 22, 2009

We are super excited to announce this morning that SlideRocket is going to be the official presentation partner at SXSW in March, 2010! We are huge fans of SXSW – they really define innovative when it comes to events, and now they have taken another step by making SlideRocket available to all the SXSW speakers for their talks at the festival. How cool is that??  Just to whet your whistle about SXSW, we put together this presentation to tell you what it is all about (best viewed in full-screen mode):

Basically, this partnership means freedom for the presenters – they can create awesome presentations (or import their old PowerPoints) through the SlideRocket web app, and can update them at any time from any computer.  No more searching for the right file, or feeling trapped by the desire to make last minute changes, but no way to do so before a talk starts.  They never have to worry again about what computer or software will be available, as SlideRocket will maintain full fidelity no matter the platform.  As someone who has planned conference-type events before, I can say this is a huge relief for the event organizers as well! No more scrambling with multiple laptops, thumb drives, fonts that don’t display correctly, or countless other event stressors.

We think one of the coolest things about this partnership, however, is that essentially now SXSW can live on long after the festival is over.  Since SlideRocket presentations are embeddable, SXSW will be able to share them on their site post-event, and the presenters can also do so on their own blogs or websites.  Through the unique SlideRocket analytics, both SXSW and the presenters can see which presentations are captivating their respective communities.  We like to talk about how SlideRocket helps presentations become living, breathing documents that inspire connections and conversations. Now, by using SlideRocket, SXSW is able to extend its own life and maintain the energy and excitement of being at the festival 365 days a year.  We think this is just great.

All in all, we are just thrilled about this partnership, and can’t wait to see all the amazing presentations SXSW presenters create in SlideRocket!

If you are a SXSW presenter, we will be providing you with a free Business Edition account from now until the end of April, 2010. Please sign up to claim yours today, and we’ll be excited to help you get started in SlideRocket! You can also check out this presentation to learn more (best viewed in full-screen mode):

Blurring The Lines

By Nat Robinson on October 8, 2009

Every once in a while you come across a great presentation. Like a great movie, a great presentation engages your senses, tugs at your emotions and leaves you wanting more. It ceases to exist as a presentation and crosses over into the realm of experience.

One of the masters at creating these kind of sensory adventures is Dan Marcolina. Using SlideRocket’s unique capabilities Dan pulls together beautiful design aesthetics, sublime rich media elements and stunning high definition visuals to create experiences that draw you in, capture your imagination and take you to another time and space.

On October 15th at 10am Pacific Dan will be taking us inside his creations and exposing some of the secrets for blurring the lines between presentation and experience. Sign up today for what promises to be an instructive and enlightening web seminar.

September Subscription Offer

By Nat Robinson on September 18, 2009

This month SlideRocket is not just providing you with great presentation software, content and services, we’re also giving you the chance to get your hands on some great presentation hardware. All you need to do is add 3 (three) new business annual subscribers to your account and we’ll give you the choice of either a free Flip Mino HD digital camera or an Optoma Pico Pocket Projector. And if you add 10 (ten) new business annual subscribers we’ll give you both!

The Flip Mino HD is an incredible device for capturing high definition video for your presentations and even comes with it’s own editing software, ideal for a customer interview, executive broadcast or customer update. Just import your HD video from the Flip Mino into SlideRocket and easily integrate video into your presentation. Once you have your media rich presentation together you can project it anywhere with a Pico Pocket Projector. Weighing in at just 3.2 oz. and measuring 2” x 0.67” x 4.17” the Pico is the ultra portable projector suitable for presenters on the go.

Combined with SlideRocket’s ultimate presentation platform, these powerful and portable devices give you presentation power wherever you are. Take advantage of this incredible offer before the end of the month and you’ll be well equipped for any presentation event.

Note: Offer expires midnight September 30th

Last Day for Ultimate Presentation Survival Pack and SXSW Voting

By Tracy Frey on September 4, 2009

First of all, I can’t believe it is September already – craziness!  Secondly, given that it is not only September but it is Friday September 4th, there are 2 very important things happening in the life of SlideRocket that need your help:

  • Today is the last day you can vote for our SXSW panels. We’d love your support, as we’re super excited about these.
  • Today is the final day of the Ultimate Presentation Survival Pack Twitter contest.  It is not to late to enter and win!  All you need to do is tweet using the hashtag #sliderocket, and each tweet is considered a separate entry.  If you need any more incentives, check out the prizes…

    Pretty awesome, huh?  Well, don’t just sit there, get tweeting!

Tweet #sliderocket and Win One of Two Ultimate Presentation Survival Packs

By Tracy Frey on August 24, 2009

We just launched a contest we are super fired up about.  Given that summer is just about over (wait a minute, did summer even start???) for everyone–not just students–we want to give away 2 Ultimate Presentation Survival Packs to help ease students and professionals alike back into the real world.

And by Ultimate, we mean U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E. Check out what you can win!!!

The Student Ultimate Presentation Survival Pack

The Professional Ultimate Presentation Survival Pack

How HOTTTTT are those prizes!!  We definitely think they give you everything you need to move beyond boring presentations into a whole new world of excitement, and we are so excited to give them away.

Yup, that’s it – a tweet is an entry, and the more you tweet, the more you enter.  No purchase is necessary to win, but you do need a SlideRocket account (can be Trial, Free, Individual or Business). We’ll be picking the Student winner next Saturday, August 29th, and the Professional winner Friday, September 4th.

Find out all the details here, and check out our contest FAQ and Official Rules as well.

Good luck, and we hope you win!  Got questions?  Feel free to ask in the comments, or on Twitter.  We’ll do our best to get back to everyone.

Vote for the SXSW SlideRocket panels!

By Tracy Frey on August 21, 2009

We are super excited about SXSW this year.  We’ve got a couple of panels in their panel picker, and we’d love your help in voting them into the Interactive Festival.

Here they are:

R.I.P PowerPoint: Why Online Presentations Matter

Why is one of the most ubiquitously used communication methods–presentations–the last to move online? Sales and marketing teams rely on online tools to measure effectiveness; bringing presentations online lets you integrate with this ecosystem and maximize your business. Come learn from the various online presentation providers, and say R.I.P. to PowerPoint forever.

We’re hoping to have some folks from Google Docs, Adobe Presentations and Zoho Show on this panel.  We think it will be awesome!

Sexy Sells: Makeover Your Presentation For Maximum Sellability

As Sales processes increasingly become remote and on-demand, the right presentation matters more than ever. One participant will receive a live presentation makeover – from look/feel to presenting tips. All attendees will learn the hottest technologies, killer presentation best practices, and how to deliver your message with sass and style.

This will be a joint session with us and Cliff Atkinson, author of Beyond Bullet Points.

Please vote for our panels today – we’d love your help!

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