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The SlideRocket Live Long and Prosper Offer

By Tracy Frey on May 8, 2009

For those of you who aren’t on our email list (and don’t you want to sign up, by the way?), here’s all about this month’s promotion:

This month, in honor of the new Star Trek, we’re boldly going where no SlideRocket offer has gone before. Subscribe to an annual Business Plan for two or more users and we’ll beam 30 SlideRocket Marketplace credits per user into your account.

Two users would be 60 credits, three users 90 credits, four users 120 credits, etc. You can use your credits anywhere in the SlideRocket Marketplace universe to buy stock photography, cartoons, icons and graphics, or to print and deliver your presentations overnight (sent to you at warp speed, of course).

To engage with this amazing offer, just send us a subspace message or activate your communicator on 415.436.9134, and select option 2.

You have until the end of May to become one with this offer. Sign up now, resistance is futile :-)


By Nat Robinson on April 29, 2009
Remotes are an important part of a well delivered presentation.

Remotes are an important part of a well delivered presentation.

A lot of presenters like to use remotes or clickers to advance their slides (and slide builds) as they present. It gives them the opportunity to unchain from the laptop, maybe walk around a bit to get their communicative juices flowing, and more importantly focus on engaging the audience with the story they’re telling.

Remotes come in different form factors and use technologies like Bluetooth, Wifi, IR (requires line of site) or RF to capture and transmit a keyboard command to your presentation software telling it what to do next. They generally all allow you to start, advance, rewind, blank the screen or end your presentation, and some have integrated laser pointers or timers that will let you pace your presentation appropriately.

A relatively new category of remotes will let you use your mobile phone to control your presentation. Apple has a Wifi iPhone client for Keynote and Salling Software has one for Mac OS and Windows that works with a good number of popular phones.

Remotes are made by such reputable brands as Logitech, Targus, Keyspan, Toshiba, Griffin and Kensington, offering a selection of models and prices to suit your needs. You can find many of them on If you’re looking for a recommendation, we agree with Garr Reynolds, smaller and simpler is better, you want a remote to be virtually invisible and enhance your presentation delivery, not detract from it.

When using remotes with SlideRocket we’ve found the best results are achieved with the Offline Player (the SlideRocket AIR client that lets you synchronize presentations to your desktop) but we’ve also had good results using the online client in different browsers including FireFox, Chrome, Safari and IE.

If you use a remote with SlideRocket and would like to share your results please comment below or post a note in our Support Forums or see our Remote Help for known issues . Happy clicking!

Presentation Camp San Francisco

By Nat Robinson on March 23, 2009

I attended my first PresentationCamp on Saturday hosted by SlideShare at their Bryant Street office. There was a diverse audience of folks all looking to share knowledge on how to create, manage and deliver great presentations and in true bar camp style it was an environment that was incredibly open and friendly (although there were some PPT haters… fair enough).

Schedule - Presentation Camp San Francisco

Schedule - Presentation Camp San Francisco

All the presentations were excellent but the ones that stood out for me were:

- Better Beginnings from Dr. Carmen Taran of Rexi Media – (you can check out her book here.)

- Cliff Atkinson of Beyond Bullets fame, who had a highly interactive presentation (you can read his recap of the event here)

- Dave McClure – How To Pitch a VC

You can also review the Twitter feed of the event to find out what people really thought! If you missed this one don’t worry there are more Presentation Camps coming soon. You can join the Google Group to follow their progress OR check Eventbrite for upcoming events. We’re planning on attending as many as we can, hope to see you there!

Announcing the SlideRocket Stimulus Package

By Tracy Frey on March 19, 2009

With the economy taking its toll on both budgets and resources, SlideRocket is doing its part to lower your costs, streamline your workflows and help you win business with great presentations.

Here at Mission Control, we know that SlideRocket really takes off when you have more than one person in your account. With multiple users, you can easily collaborate on presentations, control and update your message easily for anyone who is delivering it, and keep your organization in sync. We use it all the time for our own presentations (I guess that should go without saying…), and I can’t tell you how much  time and frustration using SlideRocket has saved me personally.  I can’t remember the last time I had to search through gazillions of old decks to find the slide I’m looking for – just to change a number or update a graphic, or the last time I had to email a ginormous presentation that of course crashed a colleague’s inbox.  I know, I know – I work here, so I’m totally biased, but I swear using SlideRocket has totally freed me from presentation hell in so many ways. It makes me happy to collaboratively work on presentations with my co-workers now; when was the last time you said that??

We want you to feel this excitement and happiness too, so for the remainder of March we’re giving you a free user ($288 value) for every business subscription of 2 or more users.  In other words, you subscribe 2 users, and you get a 3rd for free. Subscribe 3 users, and you get a 4th for free, etc.

Awesome, right? So, here’s what you need to do to take advantage of this:

  1. Sign up for a 30-Day Trial account. If you have an account already, proceed directly to the next step.
  2. Email Sales at, or call us at 415.436.9134, push “2,” and say, “Sign me up for the SlideRocket Stimulus Package.”

This offer is good until March 31st, so jump on it and start stimulating your presentations today! (Yeah, we had to say it…)

Why I Llike SlideRocket

By Nat Robinson on March 4, 2009

David Savage is one of the founders of and he really likes SlideRocket. We like that he likes SlideRocket, and we like it so much that we just had to include Dave’s SlideRocket demo in our blog.

Dave talks about topics that are at the core of SlideRocket’s purpose. Improving the quality of your communications, and crystallizing your strategy and ideas so that your prospects and clients understand what value you add. Bingo!

Dave goes on to talk about the ease of publishing and sharing a presentation and inviting people to an HD web meeting on the fly without any of the difficulties of a traditional web meeting. But the thing he REALLY likes is the ability to see who has viewed his presentation using SlideRocket’s analytic tools! Thanks for the review Dave!

If you have a SlideRocket demo or story you’d like to share just email and we’ll help you tell it.

Help When You Need It from the New SlideRocket Marketplace

By Tracy Frey on March 3, 2009

When SlideRocket came out of private beta at the end of October, 2008, we launched with the promise of a Marketplace for content and services.  We know your presentations are designed to sell something (be it a service, a product, a lesson, or you!) and we want you to make that sale.  We knew a robust Marketplace of content and services would help you do just that, and we’ve been working like mad behind the scenes to make that dream a reality.

Well, today that day has arrived, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Now, when you log into SlideRocket, you will find our brand new Marketplace portal where you can easily browse and buy content and services for your presentations.  Without ever leaving SlideRocket, you can find people to help you with graphic design, illustration, copy writing, custom photography, video services, motion graphics, presentation coaching and more. Pretty awesome, huh? Do you have a presentation service you are interested in selling in our Services Directory?  Contact marketplace at sliderocket dot com to apply.

In addition to our new Services Directory, we’ve added to our current content partners Fotolia (awesome stock photography) and Mimeo (super easy presentation printing and delivery).  We are pleased to welcome Andertoons (hysterical cartoons), and PresentationPro (graphics and icons) to the family, and we’ll be adding AudioMicro (killer stock audio) and Ascender (custom fonts) very soon.

What would a launch from SlideRocket be without a presentation? Well, don’t fret. If you want to check out some screenshots and groove to a cool AudioMicro tune, all you have to do is click play below. Play it in fullscreen to see it in all its glory.  You can even share this presentation with others if you want – we’d love it!

At SlideRocket, we know that particularly in our current economy, it is of the utmost importance that you optimize your sales and keep your costs to a minimum. We hope our new Marketplace can give you the content and help you need, and save you time and money to boot!  As always, we’d love to hear what you think, so please let us know in the comments.

It is National Just Say No to PowerPoint Week: Just Say Yes to SlideRocket!

By Tracy Frey on February 10, 2009

According to the Nashua Telegraph, this week (February 9th to 13th) is officially Just Say No to PowerPoint Week.  We think this is an important holiday that bears recognition.  The Nashua Telegraph points to a few things everyone can do to fulfill his or her duty, and Just Say No:

“[This week] is a time to encourage those who rely on PowerPoint as a presentation crutch to get creative. Consider incorporating charades (“Sounds like ‘nudge’? Um, ‘budge’? Budge! Small word. It? It! Budge it? Budget!”) and giving candy to those who guess correctly…

If you’re not ready to broaden your creative horizons quite that far, try experimenting with the different bells and whistles PowerPoint has to offer. If you’re going to stand there and read slides at your audience, at least give them some snazzy clip art to enjoy.”

This last point is where we come in.  Now, you – dear PowerPoint user – have an alternative.  You can certainly explore said bells and whistles if you like.  There’s a lot of them, once (if?) you can find them. Then you can import that presentation into SlideRocket and really turn on the gas.  OR, you could just start in SlideRocket, instantly add awesome stock photography or Flickr images, use our plugin architecture to add quotes and effects, or hey – why not? – import (gasp!) HD videos and ensure that everyone who views your presentation can see them clearly.  Even in a web meeting.  Yup, you heard me. I said HD video in a web meeting without compromise.

So, proud presentation creators, stand strong during this week, and don’t Just Say No to PowerPoint; Say Yes to SlideRocket!

Want to see some examples?  Check out our demos page. Want to learn more? Join our weekly intro tutorial tomorrow (Wednesday, Februrary 11th) at 11 AM PT and we’ll help you celebrate this holiday for all it is worth.

PhotoShow Winners Announced!

By Nat Robinson on February 2, 2009

Thanks to everyone who entered our ATP sponsored PhotoShow. We had some great entries and we’re very pleased to announce the winners.

Category A – Portfolio

1st Place – Denise Marcolina – Random Selection

Runner Up – Wendy Ardolino – Ardolino Photography

Category B – Photo Essay

1st Place – Dan Marcolina – Blurring the Lines

Runner Up – Sameer K Bobade – Beauty of Nature

We were really impressed by the way everyone used SlideRocket to creatively present their photos. Congratulations not only to the winners but to everyone who participated.

If you liked the PhotoShow then you’ll probably love our community sourced presentation, Presentation Horror Stories. Make a slide to tell your horror story and share it with

Still room to join this week’s Intro to SlideRocket Web Seminar

By Tracy Frey on January 28, 2009

I just wanted to post a quick reminder about today’s web seminar – we still have some room if you would like to join! The seminar will take 45 minutes, and will cover how SlideRocket enables you to quickly create stunning presentations, manage libraries of assets, collaborate with your peers, publish and share securely, conduct web meetings, and view analytics about your presentations. It will be a 35 minute demonstration and 10 minutes Q&A.  The seminar will be from 11:00-11:45 AM PT.

These web seminars will happen weekly (the same intro topics for the time being), so if you can’t make it today but want to join, you can sign up for a future date.

Sign up here!

SlideRocket Launches Shiny New Features – Folders, Grouping, Cartoons and More!

By Tracy Frey on January 27, 2009

Those of you who were making awesome presentations in SlideRocket yesterday probably noticed that we were doing an update last evening.  Well, update we did, and I’m excited to tell you about our rockin’ new features.

We are pleased to formally welcome Andertoons as a Marketplace partner.  If you’ve never seen any Andertoons cartoons, you are in for a treat!  They are hysterical. Now you can ensure that you will never have a boring presentation again – our seamless integration with Andertoons allows you to buy cartoons for use in your presentations right from within the SlideRocket Marketplace.  Andertoons is the third Marketplace partner to join the SlideRocket family, and they now sit proudly alongside Fotolia (where you can purchase amazing stock photography) and Mimeo (where you can have your presentations printed and shipped to wherever you need – read about it here).  All SlideRocket users have access to the Marketplace, no matter which plan you are on.  Please check it out and let us know what you think!  And please vote in our poll to let us know what you would like to see next in the Marketplace.

The other big change you will notice in SlideRocket is a new UI. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from you that you wanted to be able to organize your library a bit differently, so we are excited to help you do just that.  The first thing to check out is that we have moved the main navigation to the top, where you will find some sleek new tabs:

And, many of you have said you would like to be able to organize your library in folders, and since we at Mission Control want you to be the happiest you can be about your presentation solution, folders are now available.  Don’t worry – you can still tag everything the way you are used to – this is an added option for you that you have been asking for.  You can name your folders anything you choose, the same way you tag items.  Pretty nifty, eh?

And to sweeten your organizing life, you now have the option to view your library as either thumbnails (which is the default SlideRocket view), or as a list, and you can swiftly switch back and forth between them.  You’ll find that option in the lower right corner of your screen.  There you will also see a slider where you can increase and decrease the thumbnail size to make it exactly how you want it.  And we didn’t stop there – you can also now group your slides, assets and themes by Presentation, Owner, Shared With and Tag to easily see where and how everything in your library is being used.

To round out this new release, we added a bunch of new capabilities for videos.  You can now autoplay videos in full screen, and videos now show buffering as well as the current time and total time.

And last but not least, many of you have asked to be able to see DPI for Fotolia images, to be able to hide the attendee bar in remote meetings, to be able to restrict colors in your slide themes, and to be able to access your contacts when sending invites.  Well, you ask, we listen.  You can now do all of those things!  Currently, Gmail is the only option for contacts, but we’ll be adding more soon.

We hope you are as excited about this new release as we are – please explore it and let us know what you think in the comments.  As always, we definitely want to hear your thoughts.

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