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What’s Next For The SlideRocket Marketplace?

By Nat Robinson on January 20, 2009

In case you haven’t heard, the SlideRocket Marketplace is where you go to browse, buy and rapidly integrate content and services that will help you make great presentations. Today we have Mimeo (digital printing and overnight delivery) and Fotolia (stock photography) up and running. We also have agreements in place with PresentationPro (graphics and icons), Ascender Fonts (to let you upload custom fonts), Audio Micro (music and FX) and Andertoons (cartoons).

In the next few weeks we’ll be releasing a new UI for the SlideRocket Marketplace and both PresentationPro and Andertoons will be coming online so stay tuned, we’ll let you know when they’re ready to roll.

In the meantime we want to know what you’d like to see next in the SlideRocket Marketplace so we can prioritize our efforts accordingly. Take the poll and tell us what you’re thinking.

SlideRocket Powers The Macworld Booth @ Macworld 2009

By Nat Robinson on January 9, 2009

This week the Macworld Conference & Expo came to San Francisco (sans Steve Jobs) and macolytes from all over came to worship. It was one of the bigger Macworld’s we’ve seen with two halls (Moscone North & South) full of vendors selling their Macwares, and a plethora of sessions in Moscone West.

Despite what some attendees thought, SlideRocket didn’t have a booth at Macworld this year but we did power the displays in the Macworld corporate booth.

Using SlideRocket’s new 9:16 format the sales team at Macworld was able to easily author and display an auto-rotating collection of sponsor ads. They even let us plug SlideRocket a bit too! You can watch Macworld’s booth presentation in our presentation gallery.

SlideRocket, now in an expo event booth near you. Just one more way that SlideRocket helps you make great presentations.

We couldn’t resist (Sorry Apple).

By Mitch Grasso on January 6, 2009

At this morning’s MacWorld conference, Apple announced some pretty cool new transitions for Keynote, their presentation software. Credit where credit is due, they are pretty awesome and make simple animations a breeze to do.

However, we couldn’t just let a good idea just live on the Mac desktop so we whipped out our own versions of a couple of their new transitions this afternoon. Here’s a preview:

We’ll push these out to SlideRocket in a couple of weeks for everyone to use. Of course, this is one of the unsung advantages of web applications – we can iterate new versions easily and quickly. You probably won’t see a new version of Apple Keynote until 2010.

BTW, if you haven’t voted for us in the last 24 hours for the Crunchies, we’d love it if you could do it one more time. Thanks!


Send SlideRocket To The Winners Podium

By Nat Robinson on December 29, 2008

It’s official, SlideRocket has been nominated for the 2008 Best Design Crunchie! Thanks to everyone who nominated SlideRocket and got us this far.

Now is where the spark ignites, where the fuel explodes and sends the rocket skyward, where we find out who has the right stuff and we separate the men from the boys. Now is when we need your vote to get us on the winners podium.
Vote for SlideRocket
(vote before midnight Jan 5)
What Winning a Crunchie Means To Us

  • It means you voted, thanks, that means a lot
  • The judges like us, they really really like us
  • We tangled with the competition and came out on top
  • We get some free PR
  • We raised awareness about SlideRocket
  • More and more people find out that SlideRocket is a better way to make great presentations
  • We continue to improve SlideRocket and help you make great presentations
  • You make great presentations and win more business, kudos from your peers, and your competitors tremble every time you launch SlideRocket

See what good your vote can do? :-)
Thanks from everyone at SlideRocket.

Two Additions: The new SlideRocket home page and me!

By Tracy Frey on December 18, 2008

We’ve got a couple new additions to the SlideRocket family we are excited to announce!  First off, the shiny new home page.  If you’ve logged into SlideRocket in the past few days (which I hope all of you have!), you may have noticed this bright new holiday treat.  If you haven’t logged in in a bit, you should do that now.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait…

Great.  So, what can you do on this new home page, you ask?  Well, since it is SlideRocket’s goal to make your life easier in every way, that is just what we’ve done here.  You’ll see that you land on an “All” tab.  This is essentially a quick snapshot of everything that is happening in your SlideRocket account.  Here you will find presentations that have been recently modified, presentations that have been recently viewed, new presentations that have been shared with you, and announcements from SlideRocket.  Too much information at once?  No problem.  You can click on the “Announcements” tab to find out what is new at SlideRocket Mission Control, hit up the “Shared Items” to find out what has been shared with you, or if your permissions have changed on a presentation, and you can also check out the right rail to quickly and easily find presentations that you’ve modified and checked out.  Pretty cool, eh?  We’ve gotten a lot of feedback that as you have started to work with groups and people within your organizations that you wanted a fast way to see all the SlideRocket changes, and we hope the new home page does just that.  As always, we relish your feedback, so please leave it in the comments, or post a feature request in our UserVoice forum.

And the second addition to SlideRocket is me, actually, and I wanted to introduce myself properly.  I’m Tracy, and I’ve recently joined the SlideRocket Crew to lend a hand to our community efforts, as well as do some product marketing work.  What that means to you is that I really really want to hear from you.  All of you.  Really.  (OK, maybe not all at once…).  You’ll be hearing from me on this blog, on Twitter, and on our FriendFeed, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Flickr accounts, and the more I hear from you the better SlideRocket can be.  And I’d love your help getting the word out about SlideRocket – hopefully together we can stop the world from having to deal with Death by PowerPoint!  So please, let me know what you love, what you don’t love, what you want, and what you need.  You can reach me in all the places I just talked about, and you can email me at tracyf at sliderocket dot com.  I look forward to getting to know all of you.

Send SlideRocket To The Crunchies

By Nat Robinson on December 3, 2008

TechCrunch is ramping-up to the 2008 Crunchies and it’s time to think about what happened in technology this year. While the Crunchies are an awards ceremony the process of getting to the awards is actually about customer and peer recognition.

This year has been great for SlideRocket. We raised money to build a company, won some awards, ran successful private and public beta programs, signed up thousands of users who’ve had great SlideRocket experiences, launched SlideRocket to the public, launched the SlideRocket Marketplace and established ourselves in the Software-as-a-Service, Rich Internet Application, productivity software landscape. More importantly we sincerely we hope we’ve done enough to earn your nomination in one of the following categories. We’re entering the 3 categories that make the most sense for us:

- Best Design – Recognition for best user-interface design

- Best Enterprise – For a company focused on enterprise or business-to-business applications and services

- Best New Startup of 2008 – Product must have launched in 2008.

Click the link if you would like to nominate SlideRocket for a Crunchie. We thank you for your consideration and your nomination. We hope to see you on the winners podium so we can thank you properly :-D

The SlideRocket Team.

Printing Just Got Easier!

By Nat Robinson on November 22, 2008

Imagine this scenario, you’re presenting at an executive meeting in Atlanta. You want to leave a copy of your presentation with the attendees so you go down to your local copy center with your thumb drive, print and bind 50 copies of your slides, (hopefully) pack them in your suitcase, go to your meeting and then hand them out (slightly creased) to your attendees. Kind of a pain.

We have great news, printing just got easier. This week we launched a great new way to print presentations using a service provided by one of our SlideRocket Marketplace partners. Mimeo let’s you print and deliver your presentations anywhere in the country overnight. They digitally print then bind your presentations with the paper and binding of your choice giving you crisp clean print outs with a professional look. Then they ship them to anywhere in North America (soon to include Europe) so they arrive the next day, in great shape, anywhere you want, like the bell desk of the hotel you’ll be staying at. No more schlepping boxes of collateral through airport security.

To see Mimeo in action just open your presentation in SlideRocket, Select Print from the File menu then select Mimeo from your print options.

Printing just got better with SlideRocket and Mimeo.

Printing just got easier with SlideRocket and Mimeo.

Follow the on screen instructions to choose your print options, then click ok to complete your order and expect your beautifully printed presentations on your doorstep tomorrow.

This is just one of the many SlideRocket Marketplace content and service offerings we’ll be integrating to help you streamline your workflows and make great presentations. Stay tuned for more Marketplace partners, coming soon…

Player Skinning Begins

By Nat Robinson on November 3, 2008

We just released a small but much requested feature that allows Business plan users to suppress the SlideRocket “tape” branding when you publish your presentations. All you need do to disable our branding is check the “Hide SlideRocket branding” check box in the publish settings:

Suppress the SlideRocket player branding with the new Player Skinning feature.

Suppress the SlideRocket player branding with the new Player Skinning feature.

Which makes your player look like this…

SlideRocket skin suppressed

SlideRocket skin suppressed

instead of the norm…

SlideRocket branding included

SlideRocket standard skin

We will be making future updates to this feature to allow you to further customize the playback experience for your viewers but for now you can decide whether you want SlideRocket branding or not.

SlideRocket – Open for Business

By Nat Robinson on October 28, 2008

Today we’re announcing the general availability of SlideRocket which means we’re open for business! You can read the press release for all the juicy details but here’s the readers digest version:

  • SlideRocket is now available in three tiers, Free, Individual, Business
  • Everyone can take advantage of a 30 day trial and we have introductory pricing for a limited time.
  • We have new collaboration features that will help you make great presentations as a team
  • The SlideRocket Marketplace is launching with 3 charter partners, Fotolia (a huge library of stock photography), Mimeo (print and delivery services) and PresentationPro (icons, graphics, themes). There are many more waiting to be announced so watch this space…

If you’re already a beta user the good news is that you’ll automatically be converted to a 30 day trial the next time you log in. At the end of 30 days you can decide if you want to continue with a Free account or use the advanced features of the Individual or Business accounts.

We’re extremely grateful to everyone who contributed to the beta program and we’re excited to enter the next phase of our business. Although we’re evolving as a company our mission remains the same:

SlideRocket is committed to providing the best presentation experience to individuals and businesses around the world through innovative and compelling software-as-a-service.

We’re looking forward to helping you make great presentations.

The SlideRocket Team

SlideRockets Are Go!

By Nat Robinson on October 3, 2008

The public beta is in full swing and all systems are go at SlideRocket Mission Control. Our servers have been performing incredibly, we’ve had thousands of new signups, daily logins have quadrupled and we’re getting an amazing amount of user feedback in the form of emails and blog coverage.

Many of you have been trying out the new collaboration features and registering accounts for your colleagues to share your library of presentations. You’ve also been sharing slides and assets, creating presentations collaboratively and conducting web meetings to share your stories in real time as well as embedding your presentations into blogs and web pages so viewers can watch on demand.

One of our goals for October is to hit a new performance high and we need your help. Invite your friends to register for an account and experience SlideRocket for themselves. After all we can’t let you have all the fun and take all the credit for your amazing presentations, share the presentation love :-)

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