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Big News, SlideRocket Has Been Acquired by ClearSlide!

By Chuck Dietrich on March 5, 2013

It’s true, two of the leading innovators in online presentations are joining forces! Together, SlideRocket and ClearSlide will progress to a whole new level our shared passion for amazing presentations, engaging stories, collaboration, sharing and presentation analytics.

Meet ClearSlide!

ClearSlide is revolutionizing the relationship between sales teams and customers. You can launch web presentations with no technology hassles, and seamlessly show web pages, videos, and demos. You can share presentations with just a link and track how prospects interact with your slides with presentation analytics. And your sales team has access to a library of up-to-date presentations so their content is always fresh.

By acquiring SlideRocket, ClearSlide will expand its rich presentation capabilities for sales teams to engage customers more effectively and close more business.

Get a demo of ClearSlide!

SlideRocket Continues Its Rapid Ascent

SlideRocket users will continue to be able to create and share stunning presentations. Eventually, we’ll bring the best of SlideRocket into the ClearSlide platform, and we’ll keep you informed as new features and integrations are introduced.

There’s a presentation revolution underway and, together with ClearSlide, we’ve only just begun!

Presentation Skills and Cat’s Pajamas: An Infographic

By John Rode on February 26, 2013

When it comes to delivering a presentation, are you the cat’s pajamas? Well 32% of us sure think we are. While 23% of us would rather melt into the carpet than give a presentation. The rest of us fall somewhere in between. We conducted a Presentation Delivery survey with over 600 respondents. Check out this presentation skills infographic for more fun facts about presenting.

5 Fun Presentation Skills Facts

  1. 11% of people are “Terrified” of delivering a presentation. 7% “Feel Like Superman”. So, the majority of us fall somewhere in between. Not bad!
  2. Just like with presentation design, we skew towards thinking we’re a bit better than average at delivering presentations.
  3. We’re surprising good at practicing with 64% practicing their presentation at least twice. Good on you!
  4. Above all else (designing nice slides, being energetic, funny or well rehearsed), your audience (38%) wants you to tell them a story, not lecture. Point taken!
  5. When viewing presentations online, 75% prefer your slides to have voice-over rather than having to read them.

Hopefully this infographic will help direct you to effective ways to bone-up on your presentation skills. Be sure to also check out our other recent infographics:

Content Marketing New School vs. Old School: An Infographic

By John Rode on February 21, 2013

Is your marketing old school or new school? Have you embraced the content marketing revolution? Over 700 folks responded to our (unscientific) survey to let us know where they fall on the content marketing continuum. We then rolled all that fabulous fodder into the animated infographic presentation below.

From budgets to targeting, videos to blog posts, we tried to reach across the key content marketing topics to uncover what folks are thinking (and doing).

5 Key Findings From the Survey

#1. The majority of us do a good job of targeting our content. But still, 31% of us do not target. Hmmm, there’s certainly some low-hanging fruit here.

#2. Cost is the biggest challenge when creating content. Perhaps we’re not looking at content as the “gift that keeps on giving” that it really is?

#3. We’re splashing the cash. It was refreshing to hear that the vast majority of folks are spending at least 40% of their marketing budget on content.

#4. Guerrilla marketers prefer blogs and slide presentations. Scout’s honor we didn’t load this question. But those were selected as the “least expensive but most effective marketing content”. Of course, our respondents likely skewed to presentations.

#5. Big budgets like video and events. Not surprisingly perhaps, video and events were ranked tops for content that “costs the most and delivers the greatest benefit”.

#6 Social media rocks content distribution. Probably not surprising that social media is king for content distribution. But I was surprised that SEO and blog were lowest on the list. Kind of thought they’d be #2 and #3.

Design and Deliver Memorable Presentations: 6 Free Ebooks

By John Rode on February 14, 2013

Regardless of your level of experience delivering speeches or crafting slides, a memorable presentation is within your reach. From colors to storylines, transitions to preparation, these 6 free presentation Ebooks (in presentation format of course!) will help you build and deliver outstanding presentations.

Beginner’s Guide to Presentation Design

For beginners the road to better presentations is simple. And at this point you’ll probably experience the greatest degree of improvement in how your slides look. Use this Ebook to learn how to inject more pop into your story, keep it brief and introduce eye-catching imagery. (more…)

Presentation Survey Pointing to Storytelling, Preparation

By John Rode on January 31, 2013

Surprising findings are bubbling up in our presentation survey. And there’s still time to share your views in the survey below:

Here is a quick look at the survey results to date:

Leave the jokes at home, we want to hear a story

While we’re still collecting results for the presentation survey, a few surprises are already emerging. When asked what advice they would give to presenters I expected folks to shout from the rooftops “stop with the ugly slides”. (more…)

Finding the Right Flow in Your Presentation

By Maggie Summers on January 11, 2013

For a lot of people, one of the most difficult aspects of creating a presentation is finding the right flow with your content. And to make matters worse, it’s one of the very first things you must tackle in the process before moving on. There’s nothing like staring at a huge stack of information, or at a deck made up of 75 unorganized slides, to make your heart drop right into your stomach. Alas, here are three steps to steer you in the right direction. (more…)

Death By PowerPoint – An Infographic

By John Rode on December 5, 2012

PowerPoint hasn’t been the “in” thing since Reagan was in the White House. In fact, a recent survey found some surprising facts regarding people using PowerPoint. More people would actually want to endure pain than face PowerPoint. What’s your pain of choice? Would you rather forgo sex tonight? Check out our animated infographic to see how you stack up (there’s music too!):


Presenting to Executives Like Your Career Depends On It

By John Rode on November 28, 2012

Good executive presentation skills are critical to business success. As your career expands, you’ll have opportunities to inform upper management – chances to showcase your ability to think and act strategically.

You can instill confidence or entirely blow it. Use this guide to help you think strategically about your next executive level presentation, and take your career to the next level.


A Presentation Design Guidebook for Rockstars

By John Rode on October 31, 2012

Your presentation is almost complete with interesting animations, concise recorded demos and attention-grabbing graphs. But why stop there? If you want to make your presentation really special, engage your audience and make an impact, take it up to 11 with this “Presentation Guidebook for Rockstars”.

Want to embed this presentation in your blog? Simply paste this HTML onto the web page:

<iframe src=”″ width=”500″ height=”401″ scrolling=no frameBorder=”0″></iframe>


From JFK to Jobs: The Case for Simplicity in Presentations

By Maggie Summers on October 23, 2012

John F. Kennedy famously said,

“The only reason to give a speech is to change the world.”

We like to ascribe that aphorism to presentations, too. Why give a presentation if it’s not meant to change something, however small or large? Why spend time delivering a presentation that’s not meant to incite action?

In order to motivate change with our presentations, we must deliver our message as clear as possible to the audience. And that means boiling down the complicated until it turns simple. Simplicity is key in presentations, and with the help of a few quotes from celebrated gentlemen, here’s why. (more…)

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