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10 Tips For Delivering a Memorable Presentation – Beyond the Basics

By John Rode on October 18, 2012

Anyone can give a presentation. But giving an effective presentation requires a little bit of preparation and skill. Whether your goal is to be memorable, entertaining, convincing or simply clear, the tips below can help you improve upon your basic presentation skills and bring your presentation to the next level.


A Presentation Design Guide for the Adventurous

By John Rode on October 11, 2012

Once you’ve got your word count under control, bullets to a minimum and decent colors and images (see Beginner’s Guide to Presentation Design) you’re on your way to a solid presentation. But a righteous presentation design requires a bit more consideration, so here are 10 ways to take it to the next level:

Intermediate Presentation Design


Instagram Your Presentation Stock Photos!

By John Rode on October 3, 2012

Instagram helps you to put a twist on the ordinary by applying filters to your photos. The filters can make them appear to come from a different era, evoke a new emotion or just add an interesting flare to your photos.

The good news is you can also apply the “Instagram effect” to your presentation stock photos with just a few clicks.

1977, Brannan, Kelvin, Hefe and Inkwell are just a few of the fun Instagram filters you can easily replicate.

In SlideRocket simply move the Brightness, Saturation, Contrast and Hue sliders until you achieve the desired effect, it’s really easy. The presentation below provides quick tips for recreating five of the popular Instragram filters, all set within a fun “Country” presentation theme with rock’in tunes.

SlideRocket Gets More Likeable With New Facebook Integration

By John Rode on September 27, 2012

Right on the heels of our Twitter Integration we’re pleased to announce that SlideRocket presentations now play within Facebook updates. All you have to do is paste the presentation link into your update and you’re good to go.

It’s no secret that images and video are a huge hit on Facebook, and SlideRocket presentations give you both. All of SlideRocket’s interactive features work within Facebook updates including hyperlinks, embedded videos, music, polls, animations, comments and slide transitions.

As an individual or company, the new SlideRocket Facebook integration will help you get the word out about your big ideas, products and fun presentations you have created. You can also now better leverage SlideRocket presentations as part of your Facebook advertising efforts and to keep your community of followers engaged.

Have fun with the new features we’ve just rolled out. We have a bunch of others we’re getting ready to introduce, so hold on tight!

How Not To Overdose On Presentation Animations

By John Rode on September 26, 2012

Presentation animations are a subtle, yet powerful way to ease the transition between your ideas and slides. Whether you Fade In, Materialize, or even FlyZoomSpin, the key to success in using animations and builds is to think of them as a garnish for your presentation, rather than the main course. (more…)

SlideRocket Unveils Snazzy Twitter Integration

By John Rode on September 18, 2012

Today we’re thrilled to announce a new, beautiful way to show off your amazing SlideRocket presentations on Twitter. It’s always been a snap to share a SlideRocket presentation on social media, and now your presentation will play right in your Tweet!

SlideRocket users already garner millions of presentation views each month, with views from social media growing exponentially.

SlideRocket’s new Twitter integration enables users to provide followers with more of the dramatic, visual content they’re craving.

SlideRocket presentations are ideal content for Twitter because they help tell your story with bold visuals, pleasing colors, killer music, videos and even live Twitter feeds.

Whoa, a live Twitter feed inside a live Twitter feed? Yah, totally. (more…)

3-2-1 Action! How to Record a Demo For Presentations

By John Rode on September 13, 2012

In sales, training, marketing, and other disciplines product demonstrations are often paired with slide presentations. The slides provide the context and messaging and the demo delivers the actual thing you’re trying to explain.

But unless you’ve delivered the same demo 20+ times, there’s usually more than a touch of anxiety as you click away from your presentation to your demo.

Will logging into the demo account work?

Is the Internet access in this room fast enough?

Why is my sales engineer going on and on in this demo?

Recording your demo ahead of time and embedding that video into your presentation helps relieve much of the stress you and your team experience during demonstrations. (more…)

7 Engaging Presentation Fonts to Explore – From Growler to Tangerine

By John Rode on September 5, 2012

An interesting presentation font can boost the level of engagement of your presentation. The effect is subtle, but your audience will appreciate a font that matches the mood and personality of your presentation.

Trouble is, there are so many fonts to choose from. So, we picked out seven favorites to share with you, all of which are available for free in SlideRocket.

If you choose the Irish Growler font you’re already thinking imaginatively about your presentation. (more…)

How to Make a Storyboard – Because Being Beautiful Just Isn’t Enough Anymore

By John Rode on August 29, 2012

If you’re asking how to make a storyboard you’re already on your way to creating an engaging story. Most people, myself included, often just dive into their creative work and skip the storyboard step, much to their detriment.

Whether you make presentations, movies, animations or write books or blogs, a storyboard helps you develop a stronger storyline. With a series of panels, each dedicated to a scene or concise idea, making a storyboard will help you to: (more…)

Presentation Tip – Bow Down to Your Audience, Humble Presenter

By Maggie Summers on August 8, 2012

It’s a question for the ages: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

A myriad of philosophers have mused over the question’s implications regarding meaning, observation, and reality, but Scientific American, true to form, answered it neatly sans philosophical concerns: “The falling of the tree or any other disturbance will produce the vibration of the air. If there be no ears to hear, there will be no sound.” (more…)

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