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The New Way to Work and Communicate Takes the Cloud to the Next Level

By Chuck Dietrich on August 31, 2011

This is SlideRocket’s first year participating in VMworld and the sharing of cloud best practices and introduction of new technologies is impressive. VMworld clearly demonstrates how cloud computing is impacting the way each and every one of us works.

Work is no longer defined by office space, cubicle partitions or even geographic boundaries. A dramatic shift in the business software industry from a PC-centric era to a cloud-based, mobile and social media era of computing have made work possible anytime, anywhere and on any device. Business applications in the cloud have powered a new way to work that has transformed not only where we work but how we work, communicate and collaborate. (more…)

Presentation Programs for your Imagination: A Revolution

By John Rode on August 17, 2011

Presentations have never had it so good. Once a stagnant medium for communicating with captive audiences, they are now freely shared and broadly consumed on blogs, twitter, email, and even sites similar to YouTube that host millions of presentations. Why the surge in sharing? The reason is simple: Presentation programs have been rewired, reinvented, and set free.

Presentation Programs ‘Before’

In years past, even as the number of PowerPoint users has swelled to the hundreds of millions, presentations have been tightly bound by the inherent limits of PowerPoint. (more…)

Marketing Presentations Unleashed at HUGS 2011

By John Rode on August 5, 2011

What every marketer needs to know will be found at the upcoming Hubspot User Group Summit (HUGS) taking place September 15. No really, literally everything.

Inbound marketing, social media, marketing automation, content, and marketing ROI are all covered in spades and hit both the strategy and the tactics. You really need to check out the agenda to appreciate what’s going down at HUGS this year. (more…)

Presentation Workflow – Oh My #D2WC

By John Rode on July 8, 2011

Designers, and Developers, and Workflow! Oh My!

There’s nothing to be afraid of at this year’s D2W conference because SlideRocket has been selected as the official presentation platform for the conference!

Just watching Dee Sadler work the D2W social media airwaves has been a fun experience, so we’re looking forward to a fantastic event and all the amazing presentations that will come out of it! Not to mention the much talked about KC breweries… (more…)

Justify Your Love of Type – SlideRocket Updates

By May Allen on June 24, 2011

We hear repeatedly from our customers, especially designers, that people love creating presentations in SlideRocket. Our latest release has a special focus on typography, and contains powerful new text editing tools that will really make your presentation type shine. The following new additions will be available when you create a presentation, while text in existing presentations will be automatically converted when opened in the editor. This process can take a couple of minutes, so do plan accordingly. Here are the highlights: (more…)

Online Presentation Builder – Lush Pastures Await

By John Rode on June 23, 2011

Perhaps you’ve been lulled to sleep by PowerPoint. Perhaps you’re feeling PowerPoint 2010 wasn’t fundamentally different from PowerPoint 2007 (or PowerPoint 2003 for that matter). Perhaps you have a right to demand a fresh approach to presentations!

Truth is, hundreds of thousands of people have shunned PowerPoint and opted for greener pastures. And as it turns out, people have found the online presentation pasture to be the most lush! (more…)

Infographic: Death by PowerPoint

By May Allen on June 22, 2011

Check out this great infographic from our recent Death by PowerPoint survey!

Death by PowerPoint? SlideRocket Saves Presentations!

By May Allen on June 21, 2011

New survey data confirms, death by PowerPoint is a national epidemic and we need a presentation revolution. Check out the SlideRocket summary of our findings:

According to survey data, PowerPoint ranks among the most dreaded applications, with respondents claiming they would rather go to the dentist or work on a Saturday than face the dreaded software, and too much text and boring graphics topping the list of frustrating and uninspired features. Fortunately, death by PowerPoint is completely avoidable with SlideRocket’s fabulous online presentationspresentation resourcesiPad presentations, and social presentations. Oh my!

4 Best Practices for Lead Generation Presentations

By John Rode on June 15, 2011

There are 4 key elements that help make lead generation presentations great:

  1. Be brief
  2. Use compelling calls to action
  3. Be smart
  4. Build a lead gen presentation machine

For now, we’re passing over the components that apply across all types of sales presentations – message, visuals, fonts, etc., – and sticking to the elements that demand special treatment given the unique nature of lead generation. (more…)

SlideRocket Updates

By May Allen on May 20, 2011

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a great week at SlideRocket, our team is working on some really big stuff that will be available soon. Meanwhile, we’re releasing new features every few weeks. Our last update went out with a number of tasty morsels for SlideRocket users to enjoy. Here are the highlights: (more…)

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