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SlideRocket Launches in VMware Cloud

By Chuck Dietrich on April 26, 2011

Four years ago almost to the day, SlideRocket founder Mitch Grasso launched SlideRocket from this blog with these words:

“This is SlideRocket Mission Control. We’re counting down to launch. SlideRocket will blow away your expectations of what can be done with web applications.”

SlideRocket Has Been Acquired by VMware

Today, we are thrilled to announce that SlideRocket has been acquired by VMware, marking a dramatic acceleration in SlideRocket’s mission to reinvent presentations and change the way businesses and individuals communicate. VMware and SlideRocket share an affinity for seizing big opportunities to reinvent how people work, and we are aligned in our vision for the future of cloud applications – it’s a future where work becomes collaborative, social, mobile, and even fun! (more…)

Presentation Data Shows Mobile Madness

By May Allen on April 19, 2011

New data gathered from our presentation index sheds light on how to perfect your presentations for the way work today. Among the results, iPhone and iPad presentations lead the pack in total presentation views, Android presentations show stunning growth over Q1, and presentations with an audio soundtrack are viewed all the way to the end. Here’s an infographic picture of all our findings:

What’s in Your Sales Presentation Quiver?

By John Rode on April 8, 2011

Far too often a single presentation does the work of attracting, introducing and closing a prospective customer. This can result in presenting your features too early and you end up sounding like a commercial, or serving up a prospecting deck too late in the sales cycle and your solution looks light.

You must present information that’s relevant to your prospect’s stage in the sales cycle. (more…)

What Is An Online Presentation?

By Nat Robinson on April 5, 2011

In 1997 IBM coined the term e-Business which helped define a decade of change in the way we use technology to conduct business. This concept caught on like wildfire and soon everything became prefaced with an “e” e-New York, e-fiction, e-ciao (see below), e-thwack etc. but over time e-Business just became business, or rather that which was new and different became the norm. Now it’s just business as usual.

e-ciao. Vespa is an IBM e-business.

Today SlideRocket is helping define a new category of communication technology known commonly as online presentations. Just like e-Business we believe that over the next few years online presentations will become the new norm and what was once typified as an online presentation will be just a presentation. The reason this will happen is that online presentations represent significant advantages in the way that you experience presentations and deliver stories (story = strategy + value).

To understand those advantages we first have to understand what an online presentation is. Enter the 8 Principles Of Online Presentations, a list we’ve devised to serve as a guideline for our category. It’s a work in progress so feel free to comment and add your own thoughts below.


#1 Available – Access anywhere you have an Internet connection and a browser, nothing to install, upgrade or (more…)

Back to Basics

By May Allen on April 1, 2011

Bill, you were right all along. Our bad.

Today we’re excited to announce the most massive SlideRocket makeover in history.
In order to better compete with PowerPoint, we’ve slashed our interface, removed nearly all our interactive features, mercilessly stripped out flickr and youtube integrations, and gutted our gallery of themes and inspirational presentations.

We’ve simplified the heck out of SlideRocket so that users can make the same old, boring presentations they’re used to making in PowerPoint. (more…)

Secrets of Presentation Design Guidebook

By John Rode on March 31, 2011

When structured properly, a slide deck can significantly enhance your presentation, enabling you to make what you are saying more impactful, more understandable, and more memorable. This guidebook is a compilation of proven presentation design tips, techniques, and best practices that can help you create winning slide sets.


Customer Service Presentation – OMG! My customer’s pissed and uses Twitter

By John Rode on March 28, 2011

I think we’ve all been there when a customer turns to Twitter to air their displeasure with your product or service. I know I’ve done it. Rob La Gesse, Rackspace’s Chief Disruption Officer welcomes it. He’s unafraid and has stated on many occasions his customer service strategy.

Actually, I’m not sure it counts as a strategy because his approach is just so human. He communicates with customers in a clear and simple way what went wrong, apologies, and listens to the customer to understand how to make it right. (more…)

Congratulations to the SXSW Accelerator Winners!

By May Allen on March 16, 2011

SlideRocket’s here at SXSW powering the Accelerator program – where news-related, social media, social networking, entertainment, music, and innovative web technology startups showcase their products for the chance to win big. This year, over 400 startups applied for the Accelerator competition, and 32 were accepted, and 12 moved to the final round.

Over the course of the last few days, each of the finalists pitched their web-based products using SlideRocket, and we’re pretty fired up about the final presentations. Here’s a roundup of the finalists and winners: (more…)

Great Business Presentation Images From Fotolia – Motion

By John Rode on

There’s no doubt Fotolia is a great source of stock images for business presentations. But even with such beautiful stock photos to choose from, or perhaps because there are so many, it can be overwhelming to find the best business image for your slide presentation design.

Here are, in our estimation, the top new images posted to Fotolia in the last month under the theme of “motion”. (more…)

Great Presentations – NASA at SXSW 2011

By John Rode on March 13, 2011

A NASA presentation and SlideRocket are a natural fit. While at SXSW we were fortunate to catch Nicholas Skytland deliver an inspiring presentation using SlideRocket titled, “The Next Rocket Scientist: You“. We’re not the only ones who were impressed as it was quickly picked-up on the Twitter stream.

What Makes This Presentation Great? (more…)

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