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Send SlideRocket To The Winners Podium

By Nat Robinson on December 29, 2008

It’s official, SlideRocket has been nominated for the 2008 Best Design Crunchie! Thanks to everyone who nominated SlideRocket and got us this far.

Now is where the spark ignites, where the fuel explodes and sends the rocket skyward, where we find out who has the right stuff and we separate the men from the boys. Now is when we need your vote to get us on the winners podium.
Vote for SlideRocket
(vote before midnight Jan 5)
What Winning a Crunchie Means To Us

  • It means you voted, thanks, that means a lot
  • The judges like us, they really really like us
  • We tangled with the competition and came out on top
  • We get some free PR
  • We raised awareness about SlideRocket
  • More and more people find out that SlideRocket is a better way to make great presentations
  • We continue to improve SlideRocket and help you make great presentations
  • You make great presentations and win more business, kudos from your peers, and your competitors tremble every time you launch SlideRocket

See what good your vote can do? :-)
Thanks from everyone at SlideRocket.