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Recent SlideRocket Release Notes

By Tracy Frey on July 6, 2009

Our most recent release included some fun new features and a bunch of bug fixes.  Here are the details:


  • You can now export any asset – images, video, flash files, audio, etc. – out of SlideRocket onto your desktop.  Wahoo!
  • Clicking the “login” button from SlideRocket now does 2 fun things
    • Opens up SlideRocket in a new window (please check your pop-up settings if you are having any trouble)
    • Checks your Flash version, and alerts you to download Flash 10 if you haven’t already (which, by the way – you should do right now if you don’t have it! We’ll wait here…)
  • Sub-folders can now be moved to the main area by dragging them to the top of the folders section
  • Lots of database enhancements that you can’t see, but you benefit from

And here are some of the bug fixes from our last release:

  • Keyboard shortcuts are now disabled in the full-screen email dialog
  • Some people were seeing changes to an original slide after changes were made to a duplicate – this is now fixed
  • The Slide Library Recycle Bin now loads as soon as the Slide Library is loaded
  • Some folks were seeing errors when clicking very quickly through a presentation that had a bunch of text builds and effects.  This has been fixed
  • You are now always prompted to save your work when clicking on the SlideRocket logo from within the editor – no matter how recent your last save was
  • You can now delete as many table rows at the same time as you want
  • Everything is now dynamically appearing in shared folders
  • Some users were still seeing the “Add Slide to Library” button after a slide has already been added. No more!
  • Some users reported seeing “phantom” thumbnails when scrolling through the presentation library. This is now fixed
  • When a presentation is selected, you now get fun tool tips for the various options

As always, we really value your feedback.  If you are seeing any issues, please let our support team know, and please suggest and vote for new features you’d like to see!

Recent SlideRocket Release Notes

By Tracy Frey on June 17, 2009

Our latest addition, which you may have read about already, is the inclusion of AudioMicro in our marketplace.  Check it out if you haven’t already, especially since research shows that the addition of audio to your presentations can keep your audience watching 2-3 times longer than those without. There’s a ton to choose from, including music, sound effects and more, so go give your presentations some audio love!

In addition to AudioMicro, we also released a bunch of bug fixes:

  • Some folks were getting an AS error when sending meeting invites – this has been fixed
  • Invite statistics now show the email address the invite was sent to instead of first and last name
  • We fixed a few Mimeo bugs (our Marketplace printing partner):
    • Mimeo now prints using FLV and SWF poster frames
    • Vertical aspect ratios are no longer being cropped when printing with Mimeo
    • Page numbers should now print correctly
  • The Desktop Presenter is now officially called the Desktop Presenter, both in and out of the app
  • You should no longer see an AS error when adding an image to a slide in picture layout
  • Slides from shared presentations no longer show “Created by Unknown” in the “Group by Presentation” view. They should now show the name of the person who created the slide
  • If you use an asset in a custom theme, it now gets recorded in the “where is this asset used” dialog
  • If you are given the capability “Can Create Shared Folders” by your account admin, you can now edit permissions on folders you create
  • If you attempt to delete a slide or asset from your library which is in use in a presentation, you now get an alert before you delete it
  • When using a linked Google spreadsheet, rows no longer duplicate and data refreshes correctly when the Google spreadsheet is refreshed
  • 8.5 x 11 documents should now print properly
  • When conducting a Remote Meeting, you now get a nice summary of whether each audience member has loaded the current slide
  • All audio now ends when a Remote Meeting is ended

Please let us know if you have any questions, and of course, keep submitting any bugs you find and suggesting new features for us! We really love your feedback.