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Presentation Camp Los Angeles

By Nat Robinson on June 22, 2009

I attended my second presentation camp last weekend and thought I’d share some notes and resources from the day, this time in LA at Blank Spaces.

Presentation Camp LA Agenda

Presentation Camp LA - Agenda

Presentation Camp is an event based on the barcamp model of ad-hoc unconferences where people share and learn in an open environment. Find out more about barcamp. My experience so far is that while there are a basic set of guidelines for barcamps, every event is different and very much determined by attendee ideas, voices, votes and (generally) consensus. Presentation Camp L.A. had a $10 registration fee but most barcamps are free. I must say that I’ve paid considerably more to attend events and been less satisfied so I consider it money well spent. Presentation Camp L.A. also had corporate sponsors so we had food and beverages all day and a mountain of appropriate give aways and prizes.

There were some top notch presenters at Presentation Camp L.A. including the organizers Cliff Atkinson, Lisa Braithwaite and Colleen Wainwright but the sessions I enjoyed the most were led by Olivia Mitchell (from my home town of Wellington, New Zealand) who led sessions on Presenting With Twitter and Handling Hecklers, Andy Goodman who presented his “Why Bad Presentations Happen To Good Causes” (if you’re dong ANY kind of presentation I highly recommend you get a copy of his book and review his research on what audiences want and don’t want) and Terrence McNally presented some great guidelines for using narrative in your communications.

There were plenty of other excellent presentations at presentation camp LA, these are just the ones that resonated with me. If you haven’t attended a presentation camp yet I highly recommend it. I’m 100% sure you’ll meet interesting people, learn how to make and deliver better presentations and very likely have fun in the process. You can subscribe to the Presentation Camp Google Group to find out when an event is coming to a location near you or to find like minded folks who’ll help you organize one. See you there!

Presentation Camp San Francisco

By Nat Robinson on March 23, 2009

I attended my first PresentationCamp on Saturday hosted by SlideShare at their Bryant Street office. There was a diverse audience of folks all looking to share knowledge on how to create, manage and deliver great presentations and in true bar camp style it was an environment that was incredibly open and friendly (although there were some PPT haters… fair enough).

Schedule - Presentation Camp San Francisco

Schedule - Presentation Camp San Francisco

All the presentations were excellent but the ones that stood out for me were:

- Better Beginnings from Dr. Carmen Taran of Rexi Media – (you can check out her book here.)

- Cliff Atkinson of Beyond Bullets fame, who had a highly interactive presentation (you can read his recap of the event here)

- Dave McClure – How To Pitch a VC

You can also review the Twitter feed of the event to find out what people really thought! If you missed this one don’t worry there are more Presentation Camps coming soon. You can join the Google Group to follow their progress OR check Eventbrite for upcoming events. We’re planning on attending as many as we can, hope to see you there!