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Integration Progress

By Bryan Alexander on October 8, 2013

We are happy to report that the first phase of our integration with ClearSlide is rapidly approaching, bringing with it many exciting changes. We’d like to highlight some of those changes here.

First, many of you may have noticed on our Support Page that we have transitioned to a self-support model for most SlideRocket specific issues. The reason for this is that we have integrated our Support Department with ClearSlide. As such, we are thrilled to announce that we are now able to offer support directly through the ClearSlide application! Simply navigate to the Help/Feedback section of your ClearSlide account to submit a ticket.

Second, as the conversion process for SlideRocket accounts to ClearSlide has accelerated, we are excited to offer limited-time promotional pricing for SlideRocket users. You can see how seamless it will be to connect SlideRocket as a storage account in ClearSlide and transfer your presentations here. To get in contact with a ClearSlide Sales Representative to discuss your conversion options, please fill out our contact form or call 1-877-360-DEMO

Finally, as part of this integration process, the account retirement initiative that started with EDU accounts has been extended to all Lite accounts. Many of you may have seen the in-app and pop-up messaging alerting you that Lite accounts will be retired at the end of the year. The reason for this, again, is ClearSlide’s focus on delivering the highest quality sales engagement platform to sales and marketing teams across the world.

For those of you that join us at ClearSlide, we’re confident you’ll love what we’re building into our integrated platform, and as the first phase integration is completed, more information about the new features available to ClearSlide users will be posted on this blog. If you don’t feel like ClearSlide is a good fit for you or your organization at this time, you can find out how to download your content here.

Thank you for accompanying us on this exciting ride these past five years. Here’s looking to many more productive years with ClearSlide!

Integration Focus: EDU Sunset

By Bryan Alexander on June 26, 2013

Thank you to everyone who has inquired about SlideRocket’s free educational initiative through Google Apps. As the integration of SlideRocket into ClearSlide has progressed, it has become apparent that a shift in our approach toward educational accounts is necessary and appropriate. Specifically, due to both technical and practical reasons, we will no longer be integrating with Google Apps or offering free educational accounts beyond the end of the year.

With any change, focus is important. ClearSlide is dedicated to delivering the highest quality sales engagement platform to sales and marketing teams across the world. As key SlideRocket features are available in the new integrated product, we’ll be reaching out to both SlideRocket and ClearSlide customers to demonstrate the immense value that our enhanced sales engagement platform can provide.

Thanks to all the educators that have worked with us. We hope that many of you will see the value of our integrated sales platform and will continue to rely on ClearSlide to accomplish aspects of your organizational goals. If, however, a transition to our sales engagement platform doesn’t make sense at this time, we’ll be offering export of current presentations to SlideRocket’s offline player for future use. It has been a pleasure working with educators and students to achieve their academic goals.