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Printing Just Got Easier!

By Nat Robinson on November 22, 2008

Imagine this scenario, you’re presenting at an executive meeting in Atlanta. You want to leave a copy of your presentation with the attendees so you go down to your local copy center with your thumb drive, print and bind 50 copies of your slides, (hopefully) pack them in your suitcase, go to your meeting and then hand them out (slightly creased) to your attendees. Kind of a pain.

We have great news, printing just got easier. This week we launched a great new way to print presentations using a service provided by one of our SlideRocket Marketplace partners. Mimeo let’s you print and deliver your presentations anywhere in the country overnight. They digitally print then bind your presentations with the paper and binding of your choice giving you crisp clean print outs with a professional look. Then they ship them to anywhere in North America (soon to include Europe) so they arrive the next day, in great shape, anywhere you want, like the bell desk of the hotel you’ll be staying at. No more schlepping boxes of collateral through airport security.

To see Mimeo in action just open your presentation in SlideRocket, Select Print from the File menu then select Mimeo from your print options.

Printing just got better with SlideRocket and Mimeo.

Printing just got easier with SlideRocket and Mimeo.

Follow the on screen instructions to choose your print options, then click ok to complete your order and expect your beautifully printed presentations on your doorstep tomorrow.

This is just one of the many SlideRocket Marketplace content and service offerings we’ll be integrating to help you streamline your workflows and make great presentations. Stay tuned for more Marketplace partners, coming soon…