Winter 2020 Release

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Outreach and Social
Content Feedback

Companies that trust ClearSlide:

The Economist
NBC Universal
Engagement Quadrant Dashboards

Sales Reps

Sales can take advantage of our new AI-powered Spam Checker to get an instant spam score on email content and get more email opens.

sales insights

Sales & Operations Managers

Sales and Operations Managers can use our new Gmail plugin (coming soon!) to share and track individual engagement with training content via email.

Approved and Promoted Content

Marketing & Sales Enablement

For Marketing & Sales Enablement teams, Content Feedback creates a dialogue between content owners and sales to help fine-tune content strategy.

Intuitive Sales Platform

Sales Engineers & Implementation Teams

Sales Engineering & Implementation Teams can use the new notification center in Gmail (coming soon!) to share and track individual engagement with standardized support content.

Get More Email Opens

Get an instant spam score on your email content with our new AI-powered Spam Checker. Track delivery post-send and view a list of invalid emails to weed them out of your outreach. See your email take shape in the new editable email preview (also for mobile!). Like how your email turned out? Save your masterpiece as a template and use it again!

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See Complete Engagement Activity in Gmail (Coming Soon!)

Coming soon to our Gmail Plugin! View complete customer engagement and email activity data in Gmail. Track email opens, all link clicks, forwards, and (soon) replies. Auto-log all email activity and engagement data back to your CRM and get immediate alerts in your inbox. 

Improve Collaboration with Social Commenting

Create a dialogue between content owners and sales to fine-tune your content strategy. Share feedback for the asset right after the meeting – fresh from customer interaction. Receive email notifications for tagged comments and replies and see who liked the asset. Understand how content is resonating with your peers!

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